Do you desire more from life yet feel frustrated that you can’t seem to make it happen?

Are you wanting better health, more money, deeper impact and greater happiness yet you sabotage yourself every single time you try to make positive steps, so nothing really changes?

Are you thinking to yourself; ‘I am not good enough, I can’t do this, I am afraid of what people will think…’ and this stops you from going after what you really want?

Would you like to be more, do more and have more in this world yet you just don’t know where to begin?

If so, read on…


Have we met?

I’m Debbie, and I have been perhaps where you are now. In my twenties I was stuck in a cycle of helplessness and frustration that nothing was changing:

  • I would swing from healthy eating and exercise to having a 'what's the point/ I don't care' mentality #helloselfsabotage and my weight would constantly yo yo. The cycle of emotional eating, starving myself and obsessing about food repeated itself for well over 12 years since I was 16! It only stopped when I took back control of my life

  • My money mentality was stuck in fear and scarcity. I was living paycheque to paycheque and NEVER had enough and I was deeply in debt (and you know what? I was creating this!).

  • I was experiencing the same issues in my relationships and couldn’t see how my inability to be open, vulnerable and honest was manifesting the very things I didn’t want.

  • I knew the life I wanted to live. In fact I had HUGE dreams but I didn't have the belief in myself or see how I could make it happen, and so I never took action! I stayed stuck in my own excuses believing all the reasons why I couldn't live the life that I wanted.

Back then I couldn’t see how my behaviours and thoughts, and therefore the actions I took (...or more so, didn’t take) were creating the precise circumstances I so desperately wanted to AVOID!

I thought life was happening to me – and yet now I see how my way of thinking, lack of self-belief, how I was showing up and my decisions where in fact the ’cause’ of the results I was experiencing. That was a hard pill to swallow.

Then I learn’t about how to take back control of my time and my mind, and let go of limitations. As a result I realigned myself with the vision I saw within and began living the intentional life.

Fast forward five years and I had:

  • Created a half a million dollar coaching business doing what I wanted, with whom I wanted, whenever I wanted #freedom

  • Travelled the world running luxury retreats, speaking and workshops sharing a message close to my heart

  • Mentored thousands of women privately and through my online courses creating deep changing in their lives.

It didn’t all happen overnight (obvs), yet there were some key strategies I mastered that made all the difference in what I attracted and how my life drastically changed. And it all began within.

You see, you truly can create anything you desire and the only thing holding you back from anything you your own mind.

The first step to changing ALL of this is becoming incredibly INTENTIONAL with how you live your life. 

Because life is NOT happening to you

Things are NOT out of your control

You DO have all the power to change anything that is going on in your life right now!

And I’ll show you how to begin…

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In this powerful workshop you will learn how to take back control of your life and master the practical steps to create what you want without letting fear, negative thoughts and doubt hold you back.

I will teach you the first steps I took and simple yet life-changing strategies to set yourself up towards an intentional life.

WHAT You will learn:

  • Why you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious right now, and how to take back control. (and PS: you do not need more time, a lack of time is NOT your issue)

  • How to clearly go from where you are right now, to where you want to be (even if you are feeling overwhelmed, helpless or stuck…there is a way for you to overcome and create what you want)

  • Learn the one thing you must do if you want to create anything you desire (without this you will be held back by fear, doubt and all the negative stories you tell yourself)

  • Identify why and how you self-sabotage yourself (this is a game-changer!) and learn my powerful CORE Process to ensure sabotage, fear and self-doubt no longer has a hold over you in any area of your life

  • Understand the No #1 most powerful spiritual law you can activate that will transform your results faster than anything you have tried before. If you have ever tried to create change, yet it’s felt hard or a struggle or you have defaulted back…this is why.

You will walk away with:

  • A whole NEW WAY to live that feels purposeful, expansive and incredibly freeing (yes, say goodbye busyness, overwhelm and stress!)

  • Crystal clear clarity around what you want to create and;

  • Your personal aligned step-by-step plan to activate immediately that will create big changes

  • My powerful CORE process to understand why and how you self-sabotage and keep yourself stuck, plus how to move through this when it does show up so that you can finally move forward and create the life you truly want

  • Understanding the game-changing spiritual law that is the ONLY way to change (#secret willpower doesn’t work and only leads to more self-sabotage). As you master this, you will bust through every fear, negative thought and self-doubt that holds you back.


the afternoon tea

Following the workshop you will take a short break and enjoy afternoon tea in the gardens. Indulge in a mix of delicious treats and gorgeous teas as you connect with the other women, talk with the speakers or simply enjoy the sunshine.



We end the afternoon with a panel discussion that will spark immense inspiration as you hear the stories, expertise and passion from these divine women. They are purposeful, intentional and are creating an impact locally on the sunshine coast, and globally.

You will leave this panel fuelled to master your intentional life through activating a deeper meaning, level of contribution and personal self-care, emotionally and physically, enabling you to live your most extraordinary life.

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Mind Detox Therapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Trainer, Speaker, Life Coach, Online Business + Marketing Strategist and Founder of Luxe Mumma Lifestyle Blog

Debbie helps women lead extraordinary lives. Through her many brands she empowers, mentors and educates women to thrive in life, business, wellness and motherhood.

She has been featured on the Today Show and in nationwide publications such as Women’s Fitness, Marie Claire, Australian Natural Health, Women’s Day, Cosmopolitan and Girlfriend Magazine. She has travelled globally teaching and speaking - all with one core message - to empower women to recognise their true worth and value, step into their true potential and create a life that matters.

Her work has taken her on stage in front of thousands of women sharing the vital message of self-worth; facilitating luxury retreats in Bali guiding women towards deep healing, training hundreds of women in the powerful Mind Detox Method and mentoring thousands of women from around the world through her private life and business coaching and online programs. In addition to this, she leads a tribe of health-conscious women discovering the power of essential oils for natural wellness, chemical free living and conscious minimalism.


Katie Thompson

Founding Director Be That & Executive Producer Be That Tv Show

Katie is a Wife, Mother and Freedom Fighter. Her passion and desire is to not only help bring freedom to the millions of people who are in bondage to the injustices of this world, be it Human Trafficking, Poverty, Mental Health or War torn parts of our world, but to also help people from all walks of life to find freedom in areas that hold them back and keep them in bondage in everyday life. She believes we can see that happen with communication and conversation.

When she is not fighting the causes close to her heart, you will find her spending time with her husband, two gorgeous daughters and son at the beach, sipping coffee at a local cafe or hosting dinners at her home.

Katie believes this life is a gift, which has been designed and purposed for us to be able to have the most extraordinary lives. Even in our challenges, she trusts that if we allow ourselves to believe that our best is yet to come, it opens the doors for Gods provision, favour and increase in our lives.


sheridan joy austin

Qualified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Practitioner, Write, Speaker & Recipe Creator

Sheridan was conditioned to believe that her symptoms were normal. Sinus infections, digestive issues, chest infections, asthma, hay fever, rashes, extreme fatigue, a foggy mind and so on. As a result she lived off antihistamines, asthma puffers and antibiotics. Yet after studying the healing nature of food, she has since freed herself from many of the symptoms that were robbing her of a life filled with energy, vitality, confidence and excitement. 

Food and it's ability to nourish is undeniably powerful at healing and rejuvenating the body. The many trillions of cells and microbes that make up our being is waiting to be nourished in every moment to allow us to thrive. What we eat directly effects our gut health, and the health of our gut directly effects our entire being.

The body's intelligence is overwhelmingly intriguing and impressive. Sheridan believes nature has everything worked out perfectly, and if we become in tune with our instincts, stop silencing our symptoms and begin to listen, question everything and begin to love and respect ourselves, then the process can be enjoyable, and worth it. 



CEO of Women of Worth & Identity, Co-Partner of Kingdom Health, International Speaker of Truth, Justice & Freedom For Women and Children Trapped in Sex Trafficking

As an advocate for women, Tracey’s heart is to bring restoration, worth and identity to all women and to operate in the truth of who they are. She is passionate about being a voice for children to live in safe communities, to have shelter and food as well as campaigning for women and children trapped in sex trafficking (both nationally and internationally). Tracey is a State Representative on Family Policy and Legislation where she is committed to making a difference in the local and national community.

Tracey truly believes our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health is the foundation of us living on purpose and fulfilling our destiny. When she is not dedicating herself towards a better world, she values and loves being with her husband, three adult children and three Grandchildren. Tracey will inspire you to believe in yourself and know you can make a difference.



This powerful workshop and panel discussion will leave you feeling deeply inspired, educated and empowered with the knowledge and tools to eliminate busyness, overwhelm and stress, increase your energy and vitality and realign yourself towards a path of purpose, impact and contribution.

Saturday 27th October - 2pm to 4pm

Kingdom House, 1 Main Creek Road, Tanawha QLD



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