Begin your wellness lifestyle of low-tox living, chemical free and natural solutions for you and your loved ones

DoTERRA’s loyalty program (or monthly wellness box as I call it) is similar to a frequent flyer program. If you are going to fly anyways, why not fly with your FF airline and receive the benefits and points - same with doTERRA.

If you are going to buy pharmaceutical products, cleaning products, personal care or spa products or supplements why not replace with doTERRA's low-tox natural solutions and be rewarded for doing so.

what is the monthly wellness box?

For me, it’s a lifestyle.

Receiving a wellness box from doTERRA each month benefits me for a number of reasons:

  1. The most important reason is to embrace a low-tox wellness lifestyle for myself and my family. Eliminating toxins that destroy our bodies and put stress on our already stressed liver restored my health dramatically.

  2. I have a wholesale membership, like you, and therefore I automatically save 25% off doTERRA’s wellness solutions which means I choose to shift my spending from major supermarkets and organic stores to doTERRA

  3. I also receive points back on each product I purchase (see below). I have been a member of the loyalty program since Nov 2017 and therefore I am now receiving 25% of my spending back PLUS 25% off with my wholesale membership making my orders currently 50% off retail

  4. Participating in the loyalty rewards programs gives me a whopping $1,800 worth of free product per year! (I am also part of Free Product of the Month Club which you will see below)

  5. I know when I purchase through a conscious company like DoTERRA I am making a positive impact in this world, right down to helping many third world communities who rely on an income growing and harvesting for the oils. My money makes a difference in feeding families and not the pockets of shareholders in big business #enoughofareason


what on earth could I purchase each month?

Good question. I thought the same :)

Here is what I did.

  • Firstly, I focused on natural healing and medicine. I created a natural medicine kit for my family using the oils (I purchased the Moderns Essentials book which is like a natural health bible). I also researched Dr Eric Z and Dr Axe’s websites

  • Secondly, I educated myself on the emotional side and how to manage my hormones, moods and emotions naturally using the oils and started to purchase accordingly. I then created my own chemical free perfumes, which BTW I receive SO many more comments then I did wearing my Armani!

  • Thirdly, I detoxed my entire cleaning cupboard and personal care items (download the Think Dirty App and run all your products through this app to learn how toxic they are for your body). Some items I threw out immediately and replaced with doTERRA’s cleaning and personal care products….others I began replacing like Shampoo, Conditions and Moisturiser when my previous items ran out.

Now 10 months later I have the entire oils collection and yes, I use them up to 20 times per day. I turn to the oils for everything physical, mental, emotional and spiritual for myself and my family.

I have completely moved to low-tox cleaning solutions (even down to making my own dishwasher tablets as those babies are T-O-X-I-C!) and I have one, yes ONE spray bottle that cleans my entire house. Its the same low-tox cleaning solution that cleans my floors as well.

Now my monthly order consists of either replacement oils (hello lavender, peppermint and frankincense! #almosteverymonth) as well as my moisturiser etc. I am also taking the Life Long Vitality Nutritional System which is a 30 day supply. This is a game-changer and has given me such energy and clarity of mind, so this stays on my monthly order. Period.

Now breathe.

Yes this is a lot to take in.

For you, let’s just take the first step.


It’s not about ‘spending’ money each month. It’s about investing in the oils so that we have more options while spending less money.

I have lemon in water every morning to cleanse and detoxify my body after sleeping

There are 50 lemons in one 15ml bottle of doTERRA Essential Oil. Equal to 250 drops in a 15ml bottle of doTERRA essential oil

One drop of lemon oil is 0.04c

An organic lemon in Australia is up to $3 (I would juice 1 per 2 days)

250 days of lemon + water using fresh lemons used to cost me $375

Now I get 250 days of lemon + water for $13.50

(fresh lemons also destroy the enamel on your teeth. Lemon essential oils is made from the rind not flesh and does not do any damage to your teeth enamel)


doTERRA is a lifestyle.

I am so incredibly committed to seeing you become healthier, more energised and happier.

Yes you have your oils and you are moving through Path To Wellness to learn how to use your kit

The next step is your personal Lifestyle Overview to determine areas where you can increase your energy and vitality and prioritise low-tox living, rest and self-care.

And doTERRA's LIVE Guide is just what you need.

The 5 areas doTERRA asks you to focus on are:

#1 Eat Right - Nutrition & Energy
#2 Rest & Relaxation
#3 Support Your Emotions & Moods
#4 Reduce Toxic Load
#5 Self-Care

This is something you can do on your own now or if you prefer, we can do together in person if you are in Sydney or over video call (just reach out to to schedule a time)

If you prefer to do this in person here is what I recommend

  1. Download the LIVE Guide and print

  2. Watch this Lifestyle Overview video below and move through the Guide in the comfort of your own home


STEP 1: Download the LIVE Guide

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 5.51.14 am.png

STEP 2: Set aside 20 minutes to complete your Lifestyle Overview alongside renowned holistic health coach, Laura Jacobs

Once you have moved through the Guide and completed your 90 Day Wellness Plan it’s now time to set up your first Monthly Wellness Box (or Loyalty Rewards order).

You also now have your following two months already planned out to support your wellness goals. I like to keep these notes on my iphone in the NOTES app and after my monthly loyalty order is processed I go in and edit for the next month