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The Alkaline Lifestyle

A collaborative community of women who deeply value natural wellness and optimum health for themselves and their loved ones, founded around the principle of maintaining an alkaline body. 








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Dear lovely lady,

You may not know what this is or even why you clicked on this page. Perhaps divine synchronicity brought you here.

Let’s start at the beginning.

January 2016 I made the decision to start a new side-business with a purpose.

I had a vision…to empower women to build wealth through leverage and collaboration.

I had a passion for wholefoods and wellbeing.

I found the vehicle, which was aligned to my values of wellness, making an impact in the lives of others and giving back to those less fortunate. 

All I needed was a group of women to rise with me.

And they came.

Since January 2016 this collaborative business has grown to over 300+ women (and a few good men!).

We are paving our own path with why’s that fuel our passion to step up….

To retire our husbands, to live in Bali for 3 months, to pay of mortgages and become debt free, to provide for our families, to run our businesses and creative projects because we love to, not because we have to, to quit our 9-5 jobs, this list goes on…..

Because what’s really stopping you from living the life you truly desire?

The foundation of our business is wellness.

Collaborating with some of Australia’s top wellness experts I am currently creating The Alkaline Lifestyle.

A community of conscious women who care about their own health and the health of their loved ones.

The Alkaline Lifestyle is founded around the principle of maintaining an alkaline body for optimum health. A topic so close to my heart.

At the end of 2016 I landed in hospital due to a severely acidic body (tumours, pancreatic pain, kidney paid, spleen issues and intense adrenal and chronic fatigue).

Despite numerous blood tests, MRI's and Cat Scan's and the Doctors were none the wiser, in fact I self-diagnosed adrenal fatigue after visiting this same doctor for four years straight for, you guessed it! Fatigue. Of which I was told there was no such thing but if it's working, go with it.

Well it did work! One that day I made a phone call that saved my life. I turned instead to natural health and one man finally provided me with every answer as to why I was experiencing the health issues I had.

The Alkaline Lifestyle is a movement around the philosophy of optimum health based on Otto Warburg's discovery (a leading cell biologist) in 1913 of which illness can not exist in an alkaline body. This led to a Nobel Prize in 1931 for Cancer Discovery.

My passion for natural wellness and a desire to see women (especially mumma's) contribute to their own lifestyle and their family, as well as being a part of something bigger, fuels my desire towards collaborative business.

I bring my knowledge in online business and social media marketing to help you build a brand around YOU and not just an MLM, through my course Monetise You.

You also get access to an incredible Business Training Course that teaches you step-by-step how to start, build and grow your side-business so you have a clear path to follow.

This is for you if you;

  • Are in the wellness space (blogger, health coach, health practitioner, nutritionist, naturopath) and desire to create a new stream of income that is aligned to your interests and expertise.
  • Want to lead a healthier lifestyle and help others do the same whilst earning a side income.
  • Stay at home mama who wants to increase the health of her family and share this with those around her to bring in an extra stream of income to support her family.
  • Corporate who desires a lifestyle of more freedom and wants a plan to leave the corporate structure and work for themselves.

If you are interested in learning more, please complete the form below and I'll be in touch:

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If you decide to embark on this new journey with me, you receive:

  • Access to our exclusive membership website with all the information, tools and resources you need to build your side-business. It's step by step and simple to follow.
  • Access into a private facebook group of incredible women in our team who are all launching and growing their new business as well so you feel supported, empowered and held as you grow.
  • 50% discount code (and immediate access) to my online business course Monetise YOU which shows you EXACTLY how to build an online business and personal brand through social media.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All my love,

Debbie x