As Australia’s Self-Worth expert, Debbie has graced the stage with many leading wellness advocates. She understands what motivates, inspires and touches women to their core and how to speak to your female audience in a way that is inspiring, relevant & engaging.



Debbie Spellman

Having spoken to thousands of women about their own self-worth, Debbie is now a passionate speaker in the area of conscious motherhood, mindfulness and re-aligning our lives according to what matters most. 

In a world where anxiety, depression, busyness and disconnection is becoming the norm, Debbie challenges this world view by inspiring and educating women to tread a different path; one of more space, slowing down, reconnection within and responsibility for how we are showing up.

No stranger to the hustle, Debbie is a former A-type 'never stop' highly ambitious perfectionist, yet she has learned that in this place of rest, reflection and rejuvenation springs forth ideas, wisdom and lessons which propel us further in life, business and our relationships, faster than hustle every will.

She desires for women to embrace a style of living, parenting and business that embodies kindness and compassion, both to ourselves and others, and being fiercely led by our own joy.


In Life;

  • The power of following your joy and how this can change everything
  • Why your intuition is your best guide
  • How rest and reflection are the fuel for an effective and peaceful life
  • The importance of honouring yourself and carving your own path

In Motherhood;

  • How to show up in love, to your children and partners, without judgment or expectation.
  • Learning how to prioritise peace in a role that requires so much of you.
  • Maintaining your own identity as a woman by weaving purpose and joy back into your life

In Business:

  • Monetising You - the key to creating a personal brand and getting paid to be who you are and do what you love
  • Your Life is Your Message - How to unveil and reveal your purpose by reflecting on your past

As Mind Detox Therapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Trainer, Life Coach, Online Business Strategist and Founder of online media platform for mothers, Luxe Mumma, she has a relentless dedication towards empowering and equipping women to cultivate a life that brings them joy.

She has been featured on The Today Show and in nationwide publications such as Marie Claire, Women’s Fitness, Australian Natural Health, Women’s Day, Cosmopolitan and Girlfriend Magazine.

Email speaking (at) to enquire about your next event or to request a media kit.


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”Debbie is a fantastic speaker! I thoroughly enjoyed listening as she shared her knowledge and wisdom on what is such an important issue for women today. I walked away feeling uplifted and truly inspired!”

– Katrina Turner | INFORMA Events


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“Debbie has an engaging style and her content was relevant to all present and very compelling. Debbie speaks about her topic of passion straight from the heart which makes her easy to listen to and she has the ability to relate personally to everyone in the audience! We need more women out there like her”

– Fiona Cosgrove | Managing Director, Wellness Coaching Australia


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“Debbie Spellman is an interactive speaker, always engaging her audience. She has a clear understanding of what makes someone a powerful speaker and she uses those skills. I have hired her as an educator and speaker for Beautiful Minds. She is professional, beautifully groomed and a pleasure to work with. My teen girls have all really connected with her and praised her in their testimonials. I have watched Debbie deliver her keynote as part of the Girlpower Seminar Series. She speaks clearly and is a great walking advert for her brand. I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie as a guest speaker for female related topics.”

– Marina Passalaris | Author and Founder, Beautiful Minds Australia |