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A luxury weekend retreat filled with deep reflection, uncovering who you are as a woman, soulful conversations and self-care that will leave you feeling immensely purpose-filled, grounded, inspired and crystal clear on the direction you want to take your life:

We will cover:

  • Close off 2018 in reflection, healing and revelation around what you need to release and not bring into 2019

  • Embrace your innate mindset by understanding the power you have to co-create ‘everything’ you desire

  • Re-discover who you are and your natural gifts then align this with your desires to identify the connection between your passions, purpose, story and deepest yearnings (warning: may cause life-changing ah-ha moments and insane clarity around your 2019 plans!)

  • Once you have identified your inner blueprint (from the work above) write this into a crystal clear vision and clarify what it is you want to create in the New Year

  • Release the inner blocks, self-sabotage, self-defeating habits and stories that have held you back in the past. This is my fav part and where you will create the MOST amount of instant change in your life

  • Create your beautiful 2019 intentional plan that encompasses all of who you are, what is most important to you and what truly lights your soul on fire and integrate this into your daily routine to carry the learnings, revelations and life-altering magic back into your life.

Plus think deeply relaxing massages, walks in nature to soothe the soul and nervous system, fun and deep conversations with an incredible tribe of like-minded women who all desire to create more for themselves, feel more fulfilled and kick start (or re-start) the most beautiful life that is so perfectly aligned to who they are.