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I'm Debbie Spellman


I have an insatiable passion to spread hope, be a voice of love and hold space for women to unapologetically be themselves (in all their beauty + imperfections).

I’ve taught thousands of women the power that lies within each of them...

The power of their own undeniable worth and value.

By following my own joy, my work has taken me on stage as a motivational speaker, facilitating luxury retreats across the globe guiding women towards deep healing, training hundreds of women in the powerful Mind Detox Method and mentoring thousands through my private life, mindset and business coaching programs.

Today I spend my time doing many things I love; I create, I speak, I teach, I mentor all with one common theme... guiding women to be led by their own inner joy (and releasing all the mess blocking this joy) and creating a life of meaning.

As a modern conscious woman, I am passionate about unschooling, attachment parenting, organic and wholefood living and natural wellness, which I share through my lifestyle brand, Luxe Mumma.

See my 'official' bio below.

I can't wait to meet you, work with you, hold space for you or empower you to ignite the light within your soul and unapologetically follow your joy.




Debbie Spellman is an Entrepreneur, Mind Detox Therapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Trainer, Speaker, Life Coach, Online Personal Branding Strategist and Lifestyle Blogger. She has a relentless dedication towards guiding women to elevate to a whole new level of living and follow their inner joy.

She launched her first venture at the age of 24, pioneering a Virtual Assistant and Concierge Company well before the industry existed in Australia. Her second business, co-founding a Social Media and Marketing Agency, specialised in the lucrative online marketing industry and led her to recognise the power of the internet to create a freedom-based lifestyle.

Stepping out and following her own joy, she then started her International Coaching Business in 2010 with the goal to equip and empower women in life and business. Growing this business online to $500k; she facilitated luxury retreats, online programs, workshops, private coaching and a certification training that impacted thousands of women across the globe.

After coaching hundreds of women to follow her path and launch their own coaching business, she saw first hand the struggles they had and how many gave up so quickly. This was so disheartening to her that in 2017 she launched The Legacy Collective. A collaborative business model enabling any woman to start and grow her own online business, in and around her lifestyle, from her laptop or phone.

She has now helped over 350 women launch their lifestyle and wellness business using the 90% ‘done for you’ training platform and online marketing process which she created - thus providing women with the best chance of online business success with a supportive and encouraging virtual community.

Through her Clean Living movement she inspires and educates hundreds of women to choose more natural solutions for their health, self-care, wellness, family and home.

Debbie has been featured on the Today Show and in nationwide publications such as Women’s Fitness, Marie Claire, Australian Natural Health, Women’s Day, Cosmopolitan and Girlfriend Magazine. She has travelled globally teaching and speaking - all with one core message - to empower women to recognise their true worth and value.

In 2015 Debbie became a mother. Her greatest achievement yet.

Motherhood changed her and increased her desire to not only help women thrive in business and life but also in motherhood.

Her latest venture, Luxe Mumma is a wellness and lifestyle brand sharing behind the scenes of her own life.

After countless messages from women around the world asking how she parents, nourishes herself, where she travels and how she runs multiple businesses; Debbie launched Luxe Mumma with the intention to help make women's lives easier, better and more joyful by sharing all she has learn't - sharing wellness practices, self-care rituals, lifestyle, motherhood, conscious parenting, travel and entrepreneurship.

Debbie’s entrepreneurial success has given her the opportunity to work with celebrities, professional athletes, and high-level corporates. And while this is a great privilege, her heart for children is the one that fuels her to do more and aim higher.

Her love for the little ones is her strongest motivator.  

Just recently, Debbie partnered with Mama & Metta Foundation in Bali and started her first philanthropic initiative to care for abandoned babies around the world. She aims to lead an army of women, who together can make a huge impact in the lives of homeless and abandoned babies globally.

She envisions children embraced in love with their gifts nurtured and their true potential discovered in safe and secure environments within their family and their society. Her future goal is to pioneer a private institution that educates, empowers, and equips children to unlock their unique gifts and carve their own path in life while developing their self-worth, leadership abilities, and relationship skills.