I can't wait to support you in starting your Essential Oils business with doTERRA. You have made a wise decision for your health, wellness, finances and personal growth.




Click here to go to my DoTERRA website.

(my married name is Buckland, don't worry! You are in the right place)


Then follow the instructions below...

Click 'Join & Save' in the menu up top.

On the next page select your preferred language and which country your products will be shipped to.

> If your country is not listed, please contact me here.

> If you are in Europe select this and a drop down list will show for you to select which country.

Then click ‘Next’.

> Another screen may show asking you if you would like Local (OTG) Order or an International (NFR) Order. Select Local (OTG) Order.


Your next step is to choose the bottom options - WELLNESS ADVOCATE

Wholesale Customer: This is for purchasing the oils at wholesale for your own personal use (non-business).


It's time to enter in your personal details.

The lines marked with an * are required.

Choose your ‘time zone,’ that is your current location.

Be mindful of the birth date section as it is in US format (m/d/y).

(If you chose Wellness Advocate we recommend you do include your tax information if asked, but this can be done later so no problem to leave it. Also check with your accountant as you may be able to claim your kit and monthly order as a business expense).

Leave the section marked ‘sponsor ID’ and 'enroller ID'. It should have my number (5430413) and this means I will be your contact and support for any questions you have.

Move through the rest of the steps and when you are done, click ‘continue.’


In the next section, it’s time to place your first order!

There are many enrollment kits to choose from which you can view below to suit any budget and/or preference (starting at $174)

Or you can build your own bespoke kit based on what you would like.

Simply add a $35 wellness packet and use this Product Guide to enter the oils in the search bar to select your own.

(note: the kits save you money and you get the $35 wellness packed waived - so they are the smarter choice)

View All Kits Here

Australian Kits  | New Zealand Kits | European Kits | UK Kits | US Kits | Canadian Kits 

A good place to start is with the Home Essentials Kit + Fractionated Coconut Oil (this has all the important oils for your health and home. It includes $553 of value, for $330 - amazing value! You save $220 bucks)

Or the Family Essentials which includes the same oils but smaller bottles (you will need to add a diffuser and fractionated coconut oil to your order). If you are really interested in natural medicine and chemical free cleaning - these are your kits to choose.



  1. An enrollment kit OR the $35 wellness packet PLUS your own bespoke selection of oils
  2. A diffuser 
  3. Fractionated Coconut Oil (for diluting and applying to your body)

Purchasing a kit as a wellness advocate is the cheapest and easiest way to buy the oils. It saves you the wholesale membership fee and you’ll get a discount on the kit itself. Many of the kits include a diffuser, which is vital to have. 

(to add the fractionated coconut oil, other oils or diffuser - use the Search bar and begin to type in the first few letters. It will think for a moment then to product will drop down. Reference the Wholesale Product Guide for guidance)


If you ordered a kit, you will want to check if it includes the Fractionated Coconut Oil (which is essential for applying the oils to your body).

Click the area to 'add items' to your cart. Click to open up the Price List and find your item.

Copy the description or code and enter into your cart.

It’s important to click on the button ‘view totals’ below your shopping cart. 


Enter your billing address (alternatively tick the box stating the shipping and billing addresses are the same).

Choose your payment method in the menu ‘payment.’ I recommend credit card as it's easier and you receive your gorgeous oils more quickly.

After you’ve chosen your payment method, you can choose to save your payment information for your next order by clicking the corresponding box.

Now click ‘place my order and continue.’

(it may ask you to click the ‘view totals’ button if you haven't as yet. If you see an error message saying ‘click VIEW TOTALS' then click the ‘view totals’ button and then re-click ‘place my order and continue.’

It will ask you for your card information. When entered click ‘process order’ to complete the process.


If all went well, you’ll now see a confirmation of your registration and of your first order on the screen.

It will now ask if you would like to set up your 'LRP' which is DoTERRA's Loyalty Rewards program.

You are welcome to go ahead and set up your next monthly order; or leave this until you come into our community and get your questions answered!

I'll be in touch to get you started and to welcome you to our 90 Day Wealth Women's Mastermind with doTERRA.

Love D xx