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To join a Debbie in business alongside a community of conscious women rising together to create abundance within a collaborative business model that empowers and enriches your life immensley and the lives of others.

Have you always dreamed of WORKING FOR YOURSELF?

Perhaps you have started your own business yet you are relying on just one stream of income (and it's so up and down), not to mention doing business alone, which isn't all that fun.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

There is a path to creating a stable and consistent monthly income whilst being supported by a business tribe of women encouraging, mentoring and guiding you who all desire for MORE

More freedom. More money. More love. More connection. More collaboration. More FUN!

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"I was incredibly attracted to the chance to collaborate with inspiring, entrepreneurial females. This is something that fuels & powers me. Being surrounded by like minded people everyday working together to create something life changing is remarkable. 

The quality of the oils are far more superior than anything else I have used before that I can't wait to use these in my products for my new business. As a mother I need to work to my own schedule and doTERRA definitely gives me that freedom. 

I was originally wary about joining but after watching the training and masterclasses and learning that there are no sales pressures I definitely felt more at ease. Its flexibilities suit me and my needs"

- Lydia Martin-Daciuk



To Join A Business Mastermind Of Women Partnering With doTERRA To Create The Business And Life They Desire.

I'm no stranger to network marketing having built a successful business two and a half years ago which still pays me a residual income today.

In fact, I've never had an issue with this business model because the truth is; it is beautifully collaborative, incredibly supportive and oh so enriching to our lives. You will never grow more; personally or professionally, in the industry of network marketing.

Yet it has to be experienced to be believed.

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"I was interested to learn about and use a high quality natural wellness product that can help me and my family with our transition into living as naturally as possible with the things we can control whilst living in beautiful but polluted London. I have my own business, so to add an additional income stream that is aligned to my values, passions of helping others and that I enjoy connecting with people to share."

- Amy Lou Blackwell |


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I'm Debbie Spellman

I have over 12 years business experience. As a mindset and business coach, entrepreneur and master trainer I bring with me a wealth of experience in mindset, success, online business and network marketing. 

Now You Have The Opportunity To Learn From Me

I've seen (and experienced) many business models in my time (having run four businesses before I launched my coaching business in 2010), and nothing...nothing is more powerful than the network marketing business model.

I am extremely passionate about helping women create freedom through starting their own business. I love nothing more than to see you bust through fears, discover your hidden potential and create a life that truly brings you joy.

Joining my team in DoTERRA gives you access to everything you need (yes, everything!) to start and grow your own business using Essential Oils.

I have been blown away at how open people are to learn about Essential Oils. More and more people are turning to natural wellness today than ever before increasing the demand for wellness products. Making it the perfect time to start your own business in this industry.

The global Essential Oil market will reach 27.49 billion (yep, billion!) by 2022. Now is your time to be a part of this incredible growth.



BY Simply PurchaSING Your Own Oils

Yes. You read right!

Invest in your own Essential Oils Kit then grow this beautiful plant-powered collection slowly each month and you receive tens of thousands of dollars of training, coaching, mentoring and support.



"I have been on a minimalism and simple living journey when I stumbled on essential oils. I fell in love with the way they made me feel more grounded and I feel a sense of restoring self-love and care to my life. 

I have had a traditional business (successful) and recently graduated from an MBA however realised that MLM was a platform that I admired for the collaboration aspect, almost like compounding interest, a large group each doing a small amount. You don’t get that in traditional business. Now I get to collaborate, support, grow and join in with a community of amazing women. A tribe of women who were seeking similar life and business goals to mine.

I had been following Debbie on social media when she grew her previous network marketing business and I LOVED how she grew without selling - she used attraction marketing with integrity - this was different to others in MLM that I have seen. I want to teach my daughter that there is a BETTER way than the corporate life and together we can participate in doTERRA's Helping hands program. I love social enterprise and have a heart for the fight against sexual trafficking." 

- Liisa Bell


The Compensation Plan for DoTERRA is incredibly generous.

This collaborative business model has you supported as we all work together to help you reach your business and income goals.

What I love about network marketing is the longevity and sustainability of income.

As long as you are investing time into your business, it can't help but grow.


Carissa Crosdale

"I am building a life based on freedom, connection, community and education. doTERRA ticked the boxes for financial opportunity that comes from personal growth, connection, and education on self-care, health and wellness from natural sources - areas I am devoted to within myself and in how I serve and teach others. 

doTERRA won me over because of their philanthropic arms, the Co-Impact Sourcing initiative means that the power of these oils reaches everyone and the plants are sourced from their natural environment, and the Healing Hands Foundation that allows us to give back globally.

Every day I work with this company and have (online) access to the wider team, the support, the information, education and passion, I am blown away and I know this was a decision worth waiting for.'

- Carissa Crosdale |


"I joined this business to create a better life for my family, to create freedom and to be able to spend more time with my little one. doTERRA aligns with my branding and I absolutely love the knowledge of the team and the support of like minded women.

The oils are simply amazing and I want to learn more about the oils and incorporate my knowledge to empower other woman to create a dream and vision that they desire."

- Sarah Bacic


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