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Buy Essential Oil Perfumes


Through Luxe Mumma you can purchase any of the single perfume essential oils or the natural perfume collection

You have 2 OPTIONS


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This is what I absolutely recommend.

Why? Because most of the time even purchasing just one of the essential oil perfume scents will cover the cost of your wholesale 12 month membership.

Which means any refills are also at 25% off (+ anything else you may want to grab for your natural skin care, body care, hair care and cleaning) #winning

How does it work?

You pay a once off $35 fee for a 12 month wholesale membership (kind of like Costco) with doTERRA, which gives you a personal online shop account with access to over 300+ natural living products and essential oils – all at wholesale price!

Simply click HERE to open your own wholesale account with doTERRA (and order at the same reduced price that I get)

This option is perfect for you if you;

  • Know you want to make the switch to natural perfumes

  • Want to try more than one new scent over time

  • Want to save money when you need a refill on the ones you love

  • Are interested in exploring plant-infused natural low-toxic products for your skin, hair, body, cleaning, family, emotions, nutrition and health.


If at this stage you are not interested in saving through opening a wholesale account then you can simply order retail by following the below steps.

Note: I really do recommend you open a 12 month wholesale customer account at $35 as most of the time (depending on what you order) the wholesale account + wholesale price discount equals the same price as retail BUT now you have the added benefit of wholesale pricing for refills or any other essential oils you may wish to try over the coming year!

Click HERE to access my doTERRA online store (where doTERRA will ship to you direct from your local country warehouse)

  1. Click Shop (do not click Join & Save as this is for wholesale customer accounts)

  2. Choose your Country and click Start Shopping

  3. Select that you want products shipped from your own country

  4. In the top left Item Search bar, type in the name of the essential oil

  5. Click Add To Cart and complete checkout

Any questions, please click below to contact me via messenger in the pop up box to the right, or via my contact for HERE.


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It is my hope that us, as mothers, learn to love and encourage our husbands. To raise our children well and prepare them for the future to come. To have an open door and a warm cuppa, without notice, for any person in our community who needs us.

Most of all I want us to recognise this...

Within our highest calling as a mother comes a responsibility of the legacy we are leaving. What we sow into our children now, will impact the future they live in and generations to come.

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