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Would you like to create luxurious organic beauty products at a fraction of the cost of your favourite brands?
It's so simple!

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My Secret To Gorgeous Organic Beauty At Home

Ladies! I have a special secret to share...

When it comes to plant-powered beauty there is one place I go and love! It's where I studied and now I want to share this with you.

I discovered The Herbal Academy whilst researching the healing power of plants.

It was over a decade ago I ditched toxic chemicals and turned instead to nature for my beauty, skin-care, hair-care and more.

Now it's your turn! Making your own products is super easy and so cheap!

Clean beauty products are flooding the market right now and you're going to re-create these gorgeous high quality natural beauty products yourself - without the price tag!

Botanical Skin Care Course

I absolutely loved this course!

This is not just a 'make your own skin care' course. It covers all you need to naturally support your skin from the inside and out.

It dives into the body and what affects your skin from the inside (liver health, digestion, chronic skin conditions) and will teach you how you can support your skin through diet, herbs and pure organic skin care. 

You will learn:
- History of skin care, anatomy, ageing and the function of skin.
- The connection to skin and your eliminatory system, nutrition, digestion
- Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for skin support
- Importance of activating your bodies detoxification process with herbs
- 200 step by step instructions for every type of skincare product you'll need - so many gorgeous recipes
- Effective skin care routines
- Sun protection
- Anti-ageing
- Individual skin types
- Chronic and acute conditions (i.e. eczema, acne)

My recommendations:
Give yourself time.
Don't expect to finish the course in a weekend. It's jam packed with wisdom which you will want to take action on. Just move through one module at a time and action all that you learn.

Get the recipe book!
It is a beautiful companion to the course and saves you so much time writing down every recipe they feature. 

After you purchase come join my private group to share your ideas and walk this out with others creating their own botanical homes. Can't wait to see you inside!

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Natural Perfumery Course

Like clean skin care, natural essential oil perfumes are hitting the stores.

But you don't need to pay a fortune for a little bottle of botanical scent.

This course will teach you how to make your own botanical perfume without the toxicity of synthetic fragrances.

I found this course so interesting. Learning the different layers of what makes up the perfect scent and mixing different blends was incredible!

You'll also get exclusive access to where I buy gorgeous rollers, organic flowers and pure essential oils so that your new perfume blends are nature in a bottle (with no nasties or impurities).

Perfumery is an art that requires an intimate knowledge of plants and how they synergize with each other. 

With over 20 perfume recipes for you to try plus simple rituals for incorporating them into your lifestyle, expert guidance, and beautifully illustrated downloads (for safety, sustainability, techniques and more), this is such a valuable course.

After you purchase come join my private group to share your ideas and walk this out with others creating their own botanical homes.

Can't wait to see you inside!

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pure organic scents

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Herbal kombucha, herbal kefir and fermented foods for gut health.

Your Botanical & Herbal Apothecary

Be it ear infections, rashes, viruses, snotty noses or teething - I have always turned to nature first. 

I am now convinced that there is a herb or botanical for almost every health concerns and now I want to empower and educate you to choose nature (without any nasty side effects or toxicity) as a first step for your at home health care.

I'm blown away at how i can use the healing power of plants for my beauty, self-care, home medicine and wellness.

Join me and let's walk out our botanical homes together.


Holistic family wellness using syrups, elixirs, tinctures & more...

ONLINE kids nature camp

I love this nature-based online kids camp. I know you will too!


Herbs, lifestyle practices, and nutrition to reduce stress

family herbal MEDICINE PACKAGE

This package includes intro and intermediate herbalist courses


A great place to begin! Learn how to make herbal preparations

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