Within these pages you will find a modern woman walking out traditional ways.
I went from seeking purpose 'out there' to discovering unrivalled peace, immense contentment and undeniable fulfilment as a wife, mother and homemaker.

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In my twenties I never thought much about what I used for my cycle. I was drawn to the advertisements on TV and pretty packaging, thinking most options were much the same. Then about 7 years ago I had my big ‘o sh*%’ moment, and realised just how many toxic chemicals I was lathering on […]

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My love affair with perfume began when I was 15 years old and my big sister purchased ‘Sunflowers’ from the chemist. Remember that one ladies? In my twenties it wasn’t unusual to own at least five perfume bottles at any one time; Jadore, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Versace Pour Femme, Chloe, Coco Mademoiselle all graced my […]

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Accidental homemaker, sourdough lover and amateur 'make from scratch' cook, pursuing a path of purity in a tainted world. Also known as the 'million ideas' woman, I'm obsessed with online business and pinning images of modern homesteading.

Most importantly, I am a wife and mother navigating the lost skills of homemaking. I spent the last twelve years as an A-type over achiever striving to attain alllll the things, only to discover that destiny had a different - and much more beautiful plan. One I could have never imagined! I walked away from everything, closed down my coaching business, deleted my courses, youtube channel and every part of who I was for over a decade...then stepped out into this new way of living.

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Toxins have no place in our home. Learn how you can create natural beauty and self-care products at the fraction of the cost of your favourite luxury brands! It's easier than you think...

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Your 'Medicine Cabinet' will be your families first line of defence.  Learn why creating a science-based natural medicine kit is so important to treat 80% of your home health care needs.

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