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I remember slowly flicking through the pages of my mother’s book when I was a teenager. The book was called God’s Pharmacy and it featured herbs, plants and seeds as medicine. I became fascinated using the power plants for all ailments and disease.

I grew up on a self-sufficient farm in southern NSW. My mother had transformed her own health through wholefoods and as a result we never knew white sugar or lollies existed until my oldest sister went to school and all the other kids had these.

As a teenager I was obsessed with natural health holding the intention to study naturopathy. As it would happen I got caught up in partying and boys and from 19 when I left home until 29 I fell away from this simple, natural lifestyle and my family roots.

Plants were replaced with pharmaceuticals as I grew to trust the doctor more than my heritage. As a result I received 6 vax in one year (I’m looking at you Gardisal and Hep B) followed my countless repeats of antibiotics in the following 10 years to clear my chronic sinus infections and repeating bladder/kidney infections. My health was screwed and I never thought to question the pills I continued to receive for the symptoms I had developed.

Please understand I value doctor’s and modern medicine for when it’s needed. Modern medicine saved my life at the birth of my first child when I severely hemorrhaged. Yet I also witness the source of our doctor’s knowledge and began to research back to the father of modern medicine, Rockafeller. He created pharma so it could be patented and proceeded in his day to make natural therapies illegal.

In my 30’s I returned to nature as I looked to heal my body. I gave up alcohol for a few years and returned to wholefoods and natural supplements to support my health. The more I researched the greater the desire to remove everything from my home which was not from natural sources.

When I fell pregnant I discovered that a baby has 400+ chemicals in it’s umbilical cord. I learned that baby boys were being born with genital deformaties and what goes in my skin is absorbed into the blood stream and into the fetus.

I became incredibly clean and threw out my perfumes, candles and cleaning products and I slowly transitioned to a completely chemical free home learning how to make my own all natural perfumes, body oils, exfoliants, conditioning hair spray, facial masks, detox baths and more.

It was comforting knowing exactly what was inside of my products (the hidden chemicals and misleading marketing is shocking!) and the results were far better than what I used to use!

Now with two young children we support our home 100% naturally.

Whether it be emotions, sleep issues, infections, viruses, colds, cuts or bruises; my children are supported through this using pure nature.

And it has worked for us, every time.

I have cultivated nature’s farmacy inside of my home and turn to my natural medicine cabinet for every one of our home health care needs.


Botanical Beauty At Home

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A Herbal Apothecary In Your Home

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It is my hope that us, as mothers, learn to love and encourage our husbands. To raise our children well and prepare them for the future to come. To have an open door and a warm cuppa, without notice, for any person in our community who needs us.

Most of all I want us to recognise this...

Within our highest calling as a mother comes a responsibility of the legacy we are leaving. What we sow into our children now, will impact the future they live in and generations to come.

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