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Launch your profit generating lush life with essential oils in 90 days

I am literally SO incredibly excited to share something so aligned to my soul.

Because here's what I believe.

When women rise out of self-doubt, lack and scarcity they activate their divine gifts and become a blessing to their loved ones, community and our world.

Isn't it time you got out of your own way and created the lifestyle you dream of?

How would things change for you if you could build a new side-business in and around your current job or business, that was profitable within 90 days or less.

What if that side-business would go on to produce an income between $300 - $9k per month, within 12 months allowing you to experience more freedom, spaciousness and choice in your life to do as you please?

Just imagine for a moment that this IS possible for you...

Because I know it is - I've done it.

You simply need to believe it for yourself.

Picture this...

  • YOU only buy organic food for you (and your family) because you know the benefits and you now have the means to support this priority of yours
  • YOU are loving the rich life that you've created for yourself and you hire help in your home so you can focus on quality time with yourself and your loved ones, instead of cleaning, housework, washing or cooking
  • YOU book a holiday because you now have the time and finances to support doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want #hellofreedom
  • YOU look after yourself with massages, chiro visits and other nurturing self-care activities that ensure you thrive as a woman - self-care is no longer a 'to-do'. It's part of your daily wellness lifestyle
  • YOU now turn to natural solutions and essential oils to support your emotions, hormones, wellness and lifestyle. Your have gained so much knowledge in what wellness truly is and your vibrancy and energy reflects this
  • YOU have grown so much as a woman in the last 90 days. You're more confident, express your needs more easily, embraced the business woman within and can see how much your potential has increased both personally and professionally and your bank balance reflect this.
  • YOU are on your way to creating one of the most powerful moments in your life. The power of choice....

The choice to return to work after maternity leave, or not. To quit your 9-5 job, or not. To travel the world and run your business from your laptop, or not. To retire your husband, or not. To buy your dream home, or not.

What if your decision, right now, led to the above choices in the future?

Fast foeward 12 months and this was your reality.... how would that change things for you?

This is what a business with Essential Oils could create for you.

"I was interested to learn about and use a high quality natural wellness product that can help me and my family with our transition into living as naturally as possible with the things we can control whilst living in beautiful but polluted London. I have my own business, so to add an additional income stream that is aligned to my values, passions of helping others and that I enjoy connecting with people to share."

- Amy Lou Blackwell | www.amyloublackwell.com


Imagine if the pain-staking uncertainty of figuring everything out on your own was gone and instead you step right into a business that was 'done for you' where EVERYTHING was provided

A 'business in a box' that gives you:

  • A beautiful wellness product that you do not need to stock, post or deliver to customers (it's all done for you - online)
  • A community of women passionate about wellness, creating more and living the most fulfilling life. Our tribe is next level!
  • People around you who encourage you to rise above your upper limits, blocks and insecurities and hold space for you to create a better quality of life for yourself
  • A culture that empowers, educates and leads you in business, mindset and leadership, mentoring you all you need to know.

This is the power of the collaborative network marketing business model

I have used this business model to shift from sporadic income to consistently doing five figure months, every month, within 8 months.

I was no stranger to $20k months with ease doing what I loved, but there was no consistency. My business still relied on me to launch. It wasn’t sustainable - I was no longer doing hourly rates, but I was still swapping time for money.

Now is YOUR time to create a stable future for yourself financially. And it's sooo much more fun going into business together where you are supported, held, encouraged and celebrated.


In 90 intention-filled, divinely supported days, you’ll experience...

As part of you doTERRA business and this Mastermind, we’ll show you how to:

• craft a vision for yourself and your life that is so aligned to who you are and what you want. We will help you see how doTERRA fits perfectly into your current lifestyle and all you desire to create

• launch a new ‘profitable’ stream of income with Essential Oils and feel more deeply connected to your purpose

• breakthrough mindset blocks, resistance and limitations so you can reach a higher potential and finally create the success and lifestyle you crave

• use social media and our 'done for you' webinars to attract new customers and partners into your business with ease

• mentor other women as you step into a leadership position allowing you to impact others lives in a profound way

• tap into our automated systems (Oils and Business Education) that give you more time to enjoy your LIFE and leave the hustle behind

• build to an income level of approx. $300 per month (or more) within 90 days that covers your start-up investment and monthly oils with $ left over - yes, you’ve turned a profit!

• release any internal hidden wounds that are blocking your ability to receive abundance, create success and move forward towards what you want

• At the end you will map out your six figure 12 month plan for your doTERRA business (if this is your desired goal)




1/ ‘Path To Freedom’ Online Mentorship Business Course (Community, Education & Masterclasses) & ‘Path To Wellness Oils’ Education Mentorship (Community, Masterclasses & Education)

These home-study mentoring courses can be access 24/7 giving you the ability to learn about Essential Oils and grow your Business from the comfort of your own home.

You will also be invited to our private Facebook Communities where you are supported and empowered by myself, our leaders the community. 

2/ Personal Supply Of Essential Oils

Choose your own starter kit and begin your journey of natural wellness and low-tox living.

  • Balance your hormones naturally
  • Build your low-tox natural medicine kit and eliminate toxic pharmaceuticals
  • Boost your mood and support your emotions
  • Replace your chemical cleaning products with low-tox solutions

The oils can support you in every day through your daily life #thereisanoilforeverything

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.19.46 pm.png

3/ doTERRA's Empowered Success ‘Proven’ Business System

Step-by-step guides teaching you how to live the wellness lifestyle, share with others and grow your business.

There is literally no guess work.

Follow this and you will create an ELITE business in 90 days!



Alongside your own activities (with our guidance of course) to build your business, you can plug into our online marketing initiatives (like this 90 Day Mastermind) and Webinars which means all you do is simply share and invite.

We take care of the rest!

Think webinars on hormone balancing, adrenal fatigue and natural medicine kits for mummas. If you can share a link, you’re ready to launch your business.

Seriously, this ‘business in a box’ could not get any better.


"I was incredibly attracted to the chance to collaborate with inspiring, entrepreneurial females. This is something that fuels & powers me. Being surrounded by like minded people everyday working together to create something life changing is remarkable. 

The quality of the oils are far more superior than anything else I have used before that I can't wait to use these in my products for my new business. As a mother I need to work to my own schedule and doTERRA definitely gives me that freedom. 

I was originally wary about joining but after watching the training and masterclasses and learning that there are no sales pressures I definitely felt more at ease. Its flexibilities suit me and my needs"

Lydia Martin-Daciuk  | www.mumsrevolution.com


Module 1: VISION your ideal life & release the inner blocks

This week we focus on your ideal life vision. You'll dive deep as you draw out the limitations, self-sabotage and inner blocks which have prevented you from receiving success and abundance in the past. Yes, the personal growth is next level!

Module 2: LIVE the wellness lifestyle

Now your Essential Oils Kit has arrived! Join the Oils Empowerment Call where you will learn more about how to use your oils. Dive into our Oils Immersion membership, Path To Wellness and be prepared for a whole new world to open up to you.

Your only outcome here is to fall in love with the oils for your own natural wellness, chemical free living and emotional support. It's self-care at it's finest.

You will learn how to make wellness your lifestyle and just watch how your health, mindset and self-care goes to a whole new level. This is the foundation of your doTERRA business...a wellness lifestyle that has you thriving in life!

Module 3: SHARE the wellness lifestyle

Once you embody the wellness lifestyle it becomes very authentic and organic to want to share this with those you love and care about. We guide you step by step with zero guess work on what you need to do begin sharing - simple!

Module 3: BUILD your business

Here you are mentored on how to build your business to reach your 90 day goal. This is where the inner CEO within you arises and you dramatically uplevel your self-belief and inner business goddess. We've got your back and desire to see you rise.

Module 4: LAUNCH to profit

Launch to profit will guide you on exactly how you build to the level of Elite and turn a profit. The Elite income is approx. $300 per month (your business costs approx. $160 per month which is ONLY your personal supply of Oils/ Low-Tox products - nothing more).

What happens after the 90 Day Mastermind?

We teach you how to help others do the same as what you have just done. Invite them to the next intake and support them through - creating a six figure income within 12 months no longer seems to be such a dream. With vision, work and a passion for helping others. It’s possible! Just take a look below...

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  • You are interested or passionate about natural wellness and becoming a healthier and happier version of yourself
  • You are ready for something new and desire to uplevel your potential, business experience and personal growth
  • You are committed to creating a different future for yourself and you're ready to do what it takes to make your life vision a reality 
  • You love the idea of working alongside like-minded and inspiring women who care about you, support you and want to see you rise


  • You want a 'get rich quick' scheme and think that a change in your financial situation and life success will just 'happen' 
  • You fail to follow through and couldn't be bothered to do the work required to shift your circumstances and inner blocks
  • You are not really that committed to creating a more beautiful future for yourself (ie the pain or desire isn't that strong)
  • Wellness isn't all that important to you and you don't really care much about seeing others thrive


  • 90 Days of 'Launch To Elite' Group Mentoring within our private community (plus ongoing mentoring after 90 days)

  • Online doTERRA Store (to begin making an income immediately)

  • Back Office Admin System (to run your entire business online)

  • Online Marketing Attraction ‘Done For You’ Webinars & Sales Pages (which means you can share the oils and business with ease)

  • Essentials Oils Kit to begin using the oils in your home

  • Business Guides that teach you step-by-step to grow your business

  • Path To Freedom Online Mentorship Business Course (Education) - access this home-study mentorship in the comfort of your home and learn how to build your business

  • Path To Freedom Community On Facebook (Monthly Expert Business Masterclasses)

  • Path To Wellness Oils Immersion Mentorship (Education) - everything you need to know about the oils and living a chemical free wellness lifestyle

  • Path To Wellness Oils Lifestyle Community on Facebook (Oils Masterclasses)

Thousands of dollars of

Business Education & Mentoring, Mindset Coaching, Leadership Training and Online Marketing

all included in your own personal supply of oils

You get ALL of the above complimentary at no additional cost.

Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Amazing huh?!

Annnnd it's completely risk free!

TwigyFREEdt-2-1024x379 copy.jpg


Let’s get completely transparent with you to help you make a decision if this is right for you

STEP 1: You start with a kit (see options below).

We recommend the Home Essentials Kit ($330) or the Family Essentials + Diffuser ($190) and grab some Fractionated (Liquid) Coconut Oil for your order too - this allows you to apply to your body. But you can choose any kit you like :)

STEP 2: Set up your Loyalty Membership with DoTERRA for month two and month three. We will show you how to do this after you get started.

As you build your oil collection, learn more about the emotional and physical benefits of the oils and live a low-tox lifestyle, you also receive the most generous ‘frequent flyer’ type program enabling you to receive points back to use for free product (up to $1800 worth per year). Voting with your dollar never felt so good as you support developing nations and put more dollars into your back pocket.

STEP 3: On Monday 6th August your 90 Day Mastermind begins as we work towards building your doTERRA business to profit and beyond.

That's it! 

Grab your kit. Build your collection and plug into our mentoring!


Join our Mastermind today and receive thousands of dollars worth of complimentary business, mindset and wellness training for the cost of your own personal oils. Yep! That's it.


Choose Your Wholesale Kit To Get Started

The Home Essentials kit is your best place to begin.

It includes 10 oils every home needs to start your natural medicine kit, wellness lifestyle and low-tox cleaning. Plus a diffuser, at almost half of what you would pay retail #loveagoodsaving

But you can choose ANY kit you like.

You can even create your own bespoke Oil Kit. Click the button at the bottom of the page to view how.


Australian Kits  | New Zealand Kits | European Kits | UK Kits | US Kits | Canadian Kits 

Know the one you want? Awesome. Scroll down to join the Mastermind.

It's all risk free (and money back guarantee)

If for whatever reason you are not enjoying your oils or this business, simply return your oils to DoTERRA within 30 days for a 90% refund. Or if you love the oils but the biz isn't your thang - it's alllll good. Simply downgrade to a customer, enjoy your oils and let the business side go. It's a win/win on every level


What would an additional $300 - $9000 per month do for you? How would it feel to work for yourself, supporting and empowering others to live a more healthy lifestyle?

That’s our intention for you within 12 months.

What's YOUR intention for you?

Are you truly ready to join our conscious and collective business mastermind and rise?

doTERRA is the vehicle for which we can RISE collectively together in wellness, wealth and wholeness to make a positive impact in our lives and the lives of those around us.

This business, for me, goes far deeper than financial wealth.

This is a space where we can empower women to free themselves emotionally, physically and financially. It's holistic success that is incredibly fulfilling and deeply nourishing.

We can't wait to welcome you into the family and mentor you to create your own profitable business within 90 days and beyond.

Click the box below to order your Starter Kit

(or contact the person who sent this to you and they will help you get started)

NOTE: This is a serious business mentorship that requires effort.

I will pour into you, but you must be willing to show up for yourself and do the work.

Instead of dreaming of your one day when you’ll finally have a profitable business that gives you lifestyle you want and the income you desire, you can start today. Right now.

Even if you know nothing about essential oils or business, our 90 day mastermind is a proven fast-track mentorship that will up level your mindset, wellness and bank account. Let’s do this, beautiful!



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