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I love to cook and eat delicious meals, but cleaning up is certainly not my favourite part.

I actually cheat on the washing up and put e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in the dishwasher and turn it on, even if it’s not full, as many of the utensils I will need the following day #sorryhubby

Yes cleaning. We all know it’s not my strong point (sigh)

So to #mumhack my lifestyle (you know I am a huge fan of saving time), I decided to research some go-to dinners that I could cook in just one pan or pot.

I would like to say this will allow you to prepare dinner, leave it to cook and go enjoy some quality me-time or a long shower… but that’s not reality right?!

In my home it’s playing Uno, Snakes & Ladders, watching Jake on the trampoline before it gets too dark or creating the longest ever train on his train track. Of which I don’t mind… quality time with him is far more valuable than cooking in the kitchen.

Adopting these one-pan recipes in my home has made dinner time so much easier and has allowed me to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with my family each evening, which is always a plus.



Minimalist Baker is one of my go-to vegan websites. I love that this recipe is so versatile and can be served countless ways. I usually serve this with either organic basmati rice, mashed potatoes and brocolli or with tortilla’s or nacho style alongside corn chips, avocado, this vegan sour cream and salad. Note: I do not put in the chilli or the cayenne pepper when cooking as Jake doesn’t eat spicy food. I add a touch onto ours before I serve.



Ambitious kitchen has such delicious recipes and this is no exception. Perfect for summer evenings when you want something a little lighter, yet full of flavour, or pair it with some poached or roasted chicken for a more fulfilling dinner. It’s a regular at lunchtimes in our home as well.



I’m not sure if it’s because I am pregnant but I have been drawn to warm spices and curries lately and we have chosen meals that allow us to have a few sides with lots of flavour and versatility. Making up meat or vegetable based enchiladas, taco’s, burritos and wraps has become a favourite weeknight meal in my home. This Shredded Mexican Chicken is delicious, we spread the table with wraps, shredded cabbage salad, garden salad, avocado, yeast flakes, sweet potato chips and black beans to make our own delicious mexican wraps. Jake loves choosing his own ingredients and the bowls are always empty by the end (and she has good vegan options too with delicious sauces to go with this!).

AMAZING-30-minute-Dinner-Mediterranean-Baked-Sweet-Potatoes-vegan-glutenfree (1).jpg


Would you just look at the oozing deliciousness of this photo. No words needed really (I told you this was my go-to site). These are incredible! So simple to do and although they are not ‘technically’ one pan they are so easy to make that I have added into this category of quick weeknight meals. The sweet potato topped with garlic sauce, chickpeas and a tomato-parsley salad make this such a flavoursome meal that is also deeply satisfying. I finish with a sprinkle of yeast flakes for B vitamins and a side of kimchi for gut health.



Wild Salmon makes it’s debut at least once a fortnight in our house (really it should be weekly). We purchase our wild salmon from David Jones food hall, I recommend you source this out locally as farmed salmon is incredibly toxic and I wouldn’t recommend ever eating this (plus I fundamentally disagree with anything farmed or unethical). I am slightly obsessed with sweet potato and would eat this at every meal if someone could stay by the oven and consistently roast it for me so I could enjoy it warm for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I’m also one of those people who needs carbs, instead of just protein and vegetables, so adding potatoes makes this one pan bake a winner! I pop the sweet potato in 10 mins before adding everything else so it is all ready at the same time. I also add in red olives and drizzle with avocado oil instead of the dressing.


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