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Your Invitation To Change The Lives Of Others Many people ask me how I built a full coaching/therapy business within 2 years and now living my true passion doing what I love. I can tell you it is because I studied with Sandy Newbigging. Sandy is a mentor and friend which is why I am so honoured to annouce we have just launched the Mind Detox Academy in Australia. I am passionate about fulfilling his vision of making the academy more accessible and widely used to faciliate natural healing and change in the lives of others.

opcje binarne programy Out of all the therapy and coaching modalities I have been trained in, I have not come across a more effective way to find the emotional root-cause of my clients problems then facilitate change effectively on a deep and lasting level.

bdswiss recensioni The main modality I use; The Mind Detox Method, works! I can’t put it more simply than that. It is an integral part of my 3 month private mentoring program to create change deep within the sub-conscious mind.

official source Whether I’m working on anxiety, emotional eating, bad relationship patterns, negative thinking or low self-confidence…there is always a root-cause.

opciones binarias demo It’s about finding and clearing this emotional or mental root-cause that is causing the life problem, physical symptom, behaviour or illness.

opcje binarne a podatki This is precisely what The Mind Detox Method does.

online exchange currency If you want to make a difference in the lives of others whilst earning a great income and helping to create positive change – then perhaps you are reading this for a reason.

binäre optionen broker wiki Whether you have no training at all and you have a desire to launch your own business and experience the freedom working for yourself. Or you are presently a Coach, Therapist or Healer and you would like to add to your current skills to create more effective results with your clients. The Mind Detox Academy will give you the platform and training to launch yourself and your business to the next level.
For the first time the Mind Detox Practitioner Training is being held in Sydney and we kick off with the online training on Monday 8th July. It is completely self-paced so you can study at night, weekends…whenever you like. operazioni binari Even if you are located in other parts of Australia, you only need to come to Sydney for two days (24th/ 25th August) as the rest of the training and certification is online.

other Sandy will be joining us for a live call – which he isn’t offering with the online course again (Australia is the first country to launch with this new online model). You have the opportunity to pick his brain about anything to do with the method, healing illness, anxiety or disease, how to create lasting change or how to build a business using the Mind Detox Method.

see this I love this new format as it allows you lifetime access to the online academy which as loads of valuable information to help you train as a practitioner and grow a full-time business.

If this resonates with you even slightly, come and have a look at the Academy website to view further details: Mind Detox Academy Australia Here are some comments from previous attendees:

“The Mind Detox Masterclass is quite simply the most important and valuable training I have ever taken part in. Sandy is a master in his own right. He has created and taught me a technique that goes straight to the core of the reason for a person’s unhappiness/health problems. Sandy has put together the pieces of the puzzle, blending therapy and spirituality. The Mind Detox Method is beautiful. Now is the time to create a brighter future for yourself with the support of a global family within the Mind Detox Academy.”

“Way beyond life changing, to realise that neither I nor anyone needs to ever suffer from their past again is staggering. To have the tools to identify what is causing whatever condition and then to resolve the problem… What a gift! Thank you”

Should you wish to speak further about what is involved, please contact me here.

I hope to welcome you into the Mind Detox Academy and global family.

With love
Debbie x

look at here PS: You can view the Webinar both Sandy and I did earlier this year explaining how the Mind Detox Method works: Click Here

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