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Comparing Yourself To Others?

köpa Sildenafil Citrate Örnsköldsvik Are you guilty of searching for who you are, through what others do?

view it now Our journey through life opens up numerous opportunity in which we automatically (yet never admit) make quiet comparisons between ourselves and others. Their success, house, job, family….ah, pretty much everything! In black and white. Comparing yourself to others will have you swaying between pride (if you find someone who you feel is ‘less than’ you) and self-loathing (when you notice someone you feel is ‘better than’ you).

try these out Whether it be not pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, successful enough or just darn enough this way of thinking will keep you stuck exactly where you are. With your ego slightly damaged and self-worth on the floor you shrink like a violet and fade within where no-one can hear your thoughts. Not a promising place to be.

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köp Viagra 150 mg online utan recept When you compare yourself to others what you are doing is really judging yourself – by doing so you lose faith in your own ability and diminish your potential to create change. This turns into a vicious cycle as the path to discovering what you want becomes cloudy and jaded.

have a peek at this site Comparison only covers up what you are trying to discover….your purpose, your passion and who you are. It’s ok to have role models as these people motivate you paving a path of inspiration that has been walked before. It’s going down the comparison road which leads to taking bits and pieces from others. Those traits you think you should have instead of allowing your own uniqueness to come out. In doing so you move further away from your authentic self until you get to the point where you are so confused, frazzled and detached you don’t know who you are or what you want. Then you believe the other person has something you don’t or can’t get and there you go again, shrinking back within where you feel safe and unthreatened.

helpful site Comparing yourself to somebody else is like giving them your happiness mojo and then lingering in their shadow desperate for their approval or acceptance on every move you take so you can feel better about what you are doing.

find out here[uid]=207 Are you guilty of searching for who you are, through what others do? Be honest with yourself.

purchase cytotec online Ask those difficult questions ‘Why do I care so much about what that person does?’ or ‘Why do I envy her success?

Then ask yourself “What does she have that I don’t” and go out there and get it. If it’s courage, step up. If it’s knowledge, learn it. The people we look up to can inspire us to take action; it’s when we compare that we become uninspired. The process of self-discovering is an internal one and can not be found in others.

Questioning the stories you tell yourself takes the position of an observer. When you are the observer you can’t be the subject; meaning the stories you tell yourself are not who you are and therefore are they really true?

For example “I can’t do what she does” – who says you can’t do it? Have you tried? If so, try differently.  Instead ask yourself “How can I achieve a similar level of success? What is the first step I need to take to make that my reality?

Questioning your inner voice results in new perceptions and at times a realisation these thoughts and fears are completely fabricated. Your fears only exist in your mind, they seem real yet once overpowered cease to exist.

click to read more Your self-talk can empower you or become your worse enemy.  Listen wisely.

Most importantly remember, this is your life. Not the woman who has the perfect relationship or the one who scored the dream job. Keep in mind, everyone is fighting their own battles yet we only see their external successes…it doesn’t mean their life is perfect.

Embrace your uniqueness, there is enough room in this world for every one of us to step up and live our dreams. Identify your gifts and focus on your talents. You will never be that other person because you are ‘you’ and the world is waiting for you.

Step out of the shadow of others, show yourself a little love and allow yourself to shine in your own unique way.

DS x

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