Therapy, The New Black

Seroquel online purchase ‘Therapy’. It’s so taboo in many societies. My gosh you are seeing a therapist! There must be something wrong with you! Are you mentally ill? Are you unstable? There is certainly a stigma attached to therapy. As we understand more about the human mind and how our thoughts and beliefs shape our lives…it’s time we gave a little more credit to that which sits between our ears.

blog link We all know the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and how important it is to keep our physical bodies fit with exercise. It’s just as important as eating healthy foods to nourish our insides with life-giving vitamins and minerals. But did you know that this may not be enough to give you picture perfect health?

guadagnare coi derivati binari The lesser know point of the triangle is your mind. Studies suggest our health and wellbeing, both inside and out, is largely determined by our mind. In particular our thoughts and beliefs and I am one to believe this to be completely true.

hookup utility sink Think about it. If you ‘think’ you are never going to loose weight, you won’t. If you ‘think’ it’s hard to resist junk food, it will be.öpa-Cialis-VästerÃ¥s Actually, whatever it is you are ‘thinking’ is actually correct! Why? Because it is true for you. It’s your reality…not mine, not your husbands, not your best friends. Yours.

watch So why is this such a problem? Because your reality about what you believe to be true about yourself and the world around you can be damaging, without you even realising it.

buy Lyrica in canada Damaging you say? Well, why would I do that to myself? True…why would you question your thoughts, they are you aren’t they? They can’t be changed… Well, yes and no. Of course they are a part of you, but not necessarily the real you and yes, they can be changed. You see, your thoughts and beliefs about yourself are a combination of your parents beliefs, your own from childhood, your conditioning and a little of your environment.

binär optionen wikipedia By the age of 6 our blueprint for life is developed, our beliefs about ourselves and the world is set. As the years pass, this changes ever so slightly as new beliefs develop and old ones are disproved. Yet it’s those deep-seated beliefs, which stick…. Some of which develop due to a particular event and as we get older we forget these events. These memories seem to simply fade away…..and that’s just the way it’s supposed to be, it’s our sub-conscious minds way of keeping us safe from harm.

buy Pregabalin So what has this got to do with therapy?

this page Well, that traumatic memory that seemed to fade away…you didn’t really forget it. It is buried deep within your sub-conscious mind, tucked away in a media file of memories that make up your past. This memory and all the other negative memories from the past are all stacked up…..a lifetime of repressed emotions never completely dealt with. All of which affect who you are today.

my latest blog post my latest blog post Can’t quite shake that negative self-talk? Is self-criticism damaging your self-esteem? Do you find yourself thinking “I’m not good enough”, “There is something wrong with me”, “I feel so alone”….and the list goes on and on.

find more info It’s no wonder you feel this way, because at some point in your life, you have felt justified too….at some point someone told you or did something that made you believe, that is who you are…and to this day, you still believe it!

We all carry this emotional baggage through our lives, from relationship to relationship, career to career…day to day and whether your past baggage is from the ghetto or it’s snake leather from Louis Vuitton, it still stinks and it’s affecting you in more ways that you can imagine, preventing you from enjoying a life full of health and happiness.

Lets take a look at an example; you enter into a relationship, the man of your dreams…things are going so well and then bham! It happens…again. You self-sabotage yourself and behave in a certain way (again), and it’s over. This may happen overnight or over a period of months, but you have seen it before, you always do this….

Take a moment and reflect on events in your life, do you find in a few situations you have behaved in ‘exactly’ the same way? Different people perhaps, yet your reaction and behaviour to this situation was the same.

We all have patterns and programs, which run in the background of our minds, controlling our behaviour and dictating our actions. No matter how hard you try consciously, you just can’t seem to make any changes, or you do for a while and shortly after you’re back to your old ways. Why is this? It’s because your patterns are programmed at a subconscious level and are not something you can easily change or even recognise on your own.

We can’t escape these negative patterns, unwanted programming or emotional baggage….as humans, it exists in all of us. It’s just up to you whether you decide to do something about it.

So tell me again, are you too cool for therapy or are you going to swallow your pride, step up and finally deal with the baggage weighing you down. You know….the things you try to avoid thinking about when you are alone. In this case, ignorance is not bliss at all.

We both know it’s about time you started really enjoying life…and I mean, really enjoying it. Not just pretending too.

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