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How To Set Your New Year Intentions So They DO Come True! Much like creating a Vision Board; setting your intention is a powerful action. There is something about putting pen to paper and releasing detachment…where magic happens! After an incredible year I am relishing the time off this month to slow down while I focus on this special time with my new hubby (yes I am a married woman!) and family who have flown in.

visit our website However I wanted to send a note out to you before we closed off 2013 as today’s episode is a powerful one! In January I wrote my intentions for 2013 on pieces of paper and placed in a jar. I shared a blog about it here: Intentions In A Jar

this link As I sat down to record a message for you all I decided not to do the final step in 7 Steps To Self-Love…I wanted to share a message that is relevant to this festive time of year. A time of new beginnings.

find out this here I wasn’t intending to do this but five minutes before recording I opened my intention jar from 11 months ago – it was quite a surprise! In today’s episode I share the amazing results and my process on how I came about setting intentions that actually do come true 🙂 I’m not talking about some easy achievable desires either…they were far fetched dreams and I had no freakin’ idea of how they were going to come about!

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Web Site opcje binarne opinie graczy In this episode I cover: 1. Intentions must come from love not fear (scarcity or lack)
2. Make you feel excited + inspired (not a need, should or must have)
3. You must believe on some level you can have your intention
4. Finally…as you place that intention in the jar; I share my secret process 🙂 binäre optionen versteuern One thing I forgot to mention was the difference between GOALS vs INTENTIONS. Goals have specific action steps and milestones for you to reach a desired outcome that you follow on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Whilst an intention is something you set then surrender to God and release all attachment. Wishing you a magical Christmas and a beautiful transition into the New Year. Thank you for sharing this year with me; I appreciate you all so much!

With love & Kindness
Debbie x

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