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Self-Care – Filling Up My Self-Love Cup

why not try these out Yesterday I decided to take the afternoon off and I had the ultimate self-care date planned. I arrived at The Langham Hotel at 1pm – yet was I ready to unplug from the world, hell no!

read this I had a thousand thoughts in my mind….I still had a wedding to plan, e-course content to create, a presentation to write and a to-do-list that kept getting bigger and bigger and yet this was exactly the reason why I needed to ship myself off for some self-care. I walked into the basement almost feeling restless…my inner mean girl piped up saying ‘look at this beautiful experience and you are not even relaxed enough to enjoy it’. Well needless to say that was the last I heard from her for three hours.

köp Viagra 25 mg på nätet At first my self-talk was chattering along as chose my lounge by the pool (yes THAT pool) so when I sat down I switched my focus to how I felt and my breathing. I gave myself permission to be right where I was and showed some kindness to the part of me that felt it needed to give me a running commentary of all I should, need and must do when I walk out of here. It was in this moment that my mind went quiet. I did not write or read the book I brought, in fact I didn’t do anything that I felt I should do. I did everything I felt I wanted to do.

tecniche opzioni mbinarie My afternoon was spent sipping soothing herbal tea, floating through the still water (which felt like liquid gold), losing myself in the mesmerizing spa bubbles and meditating in the healing heat of the sauna. I rotated this sequence, feeling the freedom of present moment awareness wrap around me like the fluffy white bathrobe and slippers I melted into when it was time for my massage.

directory The thing I love about aromatherapy massages is that you allow your body to decide on which oil it needs in that moment. Was I surprised when I chose relaxation? Not at all, it was precisely the reason I was here. My afternoon of self-care ended with more herbal tea and a vogue magazine by the pool.

opcje binarne na zywo Will I be back? Abso-freakin-lutely. In 2 months I have another date with myself, same time, same place…and it would be rude to do a no show, wouldn’t it?

check this site out I would love to hear from you, how do you relax and take time out for self-care? Are you even doing this for yourself right now? As women may times we put ourselves last, honey if this is you, begin putting yourself first. Just try it on, because when you fill up your self-love cup you will notice just how much more love you have inside to give to others. With love,

look at these guys Debbie x

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