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charlie“Before we worked together, thesis theme developer I felt like I was constantly beating myself up because I had a vision in my mind about how my life “should” look now that I’m over 30. Of course I didn’t meet up to that vision and I would beat myself up about it on a daily basis with a lot of horrible negative self-talk. This created a perpetual over-work and over-fill of my life as I scurried around constantly trying to keep up with all of these unrealistic expectations. how is radioactive dating used to determine the age of an object I felt overwhelmed by my schedule and empty because of it.

Even though I have always eaten lots of healthy food, I didn’t realise how much mental junk I was feeding myself on a daily basis. I have become very vigilant over my thoughts, and even though I am not perfect with them, I am getting better at seeing ‘my story’ come up and nipping it in the bud before it reaps havoc in my life.

Creating and following my ‘default diary’ means that I have time for ME every day. I fill myself up with the things that matter most to me, such as going to the gym, my family, eating well and looking after myself.

Daily journalling and the little rituals that I do every day have meant that I have created a better relationship with myself. I have become very protective over myself and I look after myself + my needs a lot better.

I have become a lot clearer about who I am + what I am about + what my needs are. This has meant that I have started to create better boundaries in my life.

I can now really see how the story that I continuously told to myself that I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t smart enough, blah blah blah has played out in my life and it has kept me playing small. Now that I have created 2 year plan for myself, I am working towards my goals and any time thoughts come up that say “Oh, You could never do / be / have THAT” I just ignore it as I know that it is not the truth!

The most valuable part was when we went ‘back in time’ to the point at which my powerlessness started and we re-framed the past. opcje binarne gdzie jest haczyk I felt invincible when i walked home afterwards!

I would thoroughly recommend this course + I look forward to coming on one of the retreats one day!”

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Olya binäre optionen banc de suisse I came to you not knowing what I wanted to do or what I should be doing. I was working with three different coaches at the time and studying. I had too many things I was doing at the same time and I couldn’t choose what to go with. I felt so confused, overwhelmed and exhausted.

You were the first coach I had worked with actually cared about what I wanted to do and who within 20 minutes figured out that most of the things I was doing I was just doing because of a “should” reason.

You helped me dig deep and you understood that producing was something I really wanted to be doing. It was my passion yet I was just not allowing myself to walk down this path because of all the reasons why I felt I couldn’t make a career out of it.

I was trying all of these other things to make an income yet I wasn’t deeply passionate about any of them for a long-term career and therefore they were not sustainable.

trading on line operazioni binarie I could have saved thousands of dollars and years of time had I come to you earlier!

I am now clear on my purpose and what I want to be doing. I am more present and understand that thoughts are just thoughts – they are not who I am. I am not doing things that just made me feel busy or things that I thought I ‘should’ be doing. I loved our sessions because I learned more about myself and your e-course was great!

Thank you so much for your time Debbie.”

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binäre optionen 60 sekunden Before coming to see Debbie I felt stuck, inadequate and a sense of lack in most areas of my life which was fuelling alot of negative self talk. A lot of the time I felt down and drained of energy. I was convinced I was the only girl on the planet experiencing this and others effortlessly flow through their lives gaining success.

I decided to say yes to coaching with Debbie because the nature of her work which is around managing the mind to drive change. I am realizing this is the most important skill a person can obtain.

I saw her speak at the Business Goddess seminar in Melbourne. I appreciated that she was honest enough to talk about her own down times and ability to overcome it. A proactive role model whom I could relate to. Lastly, her beautiful aura which made me feel very calm and comfortable. Her combination of compassion and sharp forward thinking was very appealing.

The biggest change/shift is the recognition that negative thoughts are separate to my true self. They are just a story. I have the power to question and transform them.

Once I really took note of my thoughts I realized just how embellished they were – at times even comical. One of the biggest causes of my pain and struggle was believing my negative thoughts.

I feel like I am much better equipped with the information and tools to manage, accept and love myself and therefore move towards being a trail blazer in my own life – as long as I am dedicated to using the tools and taking action every single day.”

indicador efectivo opciones binarias Tina Calabrese | Melbourne

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24abece“The moment I met Debbie years ago at a The Belles…she was one of the most beautiful people I have ever met – down to earth, friendly, gorgeous, intelligent and most importantly authentic.
I learnt so much from her in that one evening. However, it wasn’t until years later that I took up the opportunity to sign up for 1 on 1 coaching with Debbie. The results have been nothing short of incredible

My life has always been interesting that is for sure and I feel very truly blessed. binäre optionen erfahrung forum However, I knew I was holding back, giving away my some of my power and being too critical of myself and others. In short, I was not loving and appreciating ME for who I am and what I have to offer.

In a short period of time, she cleared the baggage I needed to remove from my life and together we made a plan for my future.

The most amazing gift I received from her guidance was the ability to truly love and appreciate ME. My biggest shift was loving myself wholeheartedly and knowing I am capable of so much more!

libro strategia opzioni binarie My life is very different, I feel like a totally different person. I feel a lot more creative, claimed my power back, feel much more calmer and more accepting of things than I used to be. Now, I am moving to a new suburb, de-cluttering my life, returning to my passion for dancing and working with an amazing group of talented people.”

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Ali_B_Create_Yourself“Before I met Debbie and started working with her, come funziona il trader online I felt lost. I didn’t love me at all. Every relationship I was in was failing and I tried to blame everyone but myself. I was holding on to hurt and beliefs from my past such as primary school bullying, weight issues etc that just weren’t serving me, and were holding me back from my own potential. My relationship with my family wasn’t great, it was forced, and I didn’t really have a close group of friends. Köpa Strattera nätet In a lot of ways I felt very alone. I didn’t trust anyone, not even myself.

For ages I tried counselors, physiologists and nothing worked, I didn’t connect with any of them and kind of felt like there was no hope. After reading about Debbie I instantly felt like she could be the one that could help.

I can’t even begin to explain the difference in myself. I have learned to love ME. I have learned to be present and to stop worrying about the future or holding on to the past.

Where do I start!? I feel like a different person! I haven’t been this happy ever in my life. I have learned to love me and I have learned to deal with any situation that is put in front of me. My relationship with my family is better then ever and constantly improving and I can safely say I have found the man of my dreams who I trust more than ever. Not only has Debbie helped me with these aspects of my life, my binge eating has completely stopped and I am now looking and feeling better then I have in a long time. Debbie also had the ability to make me realise what my purpose is in life and I am now living it and plan to make it my career.

This has just touched on what Debbie has helped me with. Every time I would go to see Debbie I would leave feeling like I was invincible. She is like a breathe of fresh air. Her presence is something you don’t experience in many people. She is one of a kind. She is a role model and someone I will look up to for the rest of my life now. I consider her a friend and hope to always stay in touch. I cannot recommend her enough. Coming from someone who was just about to give up, she changed my life around completely and I am forever grateful”

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megancliffordI felt stuck! I was feeling depressed, alone, stuck in my job and like I had no other options. I was binge eating on food constantly and I could not get my ex-boyfriends out of my life. I did not feel like I was living. I felt like I was just going through the motions without any direction. I decided to work with you because your website spoke to me. There was just something that was different about you. Then when you talked over the phone I could feel your warm spirit and passion for helping others.

Since working together I am doing so much more then I ever expected. I think the biggest shift is feeling fear and doing it anyways. Also learning who I am and my values was huge for me.

No longer do I spend my evenings binging on food. I have excitement in my life. I am on my way to become a Mind Detox Practitioner myself. I am also on my way to becoming a certified yoga instructor. My days are so much more productive. I am excited about life. I am able to stay present and enjoy the ride!! Thank you!!!!

Your exercises really gave me hope, inspiration & direction as I was going through the program. It was all so life changing and every session was really life changing.

Debbie, our 3 months together truly changed my life. I am forever grateful to you. I still can not believe what doors have opened since you helping me change beliefs about myself. You have shown me how to not give into my limiting thoughts. Something you told me that I will never forget is that thoughts really only last for something like 12 sec. if we just observe it. Also that we are emotional beings and are meant to be emotional. I still can not believe that I do not run to food anymore when I am feeling sad and alone. I am so grateful. This was a transformational experience. Thank-you!”

Megan Clifford – Mind Detox Practitioner & Coach, Fitness & Yoga Instructor | Visit Megan on Facebook

“Before working with Debbie, I knew what I wanted from life in regards to career and personal life but I didn’t have any tools to get there. I was focusing on a final destination rather than finding the joy in my present life. Since we have worked together I have definitely gone through a transformation. I am noticing changes every day. We worked on many things including past memories that effect my behaviour and how to let them go and free myself.

I now feel great. I am more confident, calm and loving towards myself and others. I have more knowledge about myself and I feel excited about my future and very grateful to be here in the present moment.

Debbie is a great coach, very giving, warm and I trusted her completely. If you want to the tools to get the life you dream of, this is the woman to go to :)”

Laura Huxley – Actress | Laura Huxley

“Growing up I was surrounded by various influences which includes that of anxiety and the affects alcohol. Subsequently as a teen I suffered from anxiety (sometimes quite severe). I sought assistance to deal with this and was able to manage it. One of my main distractions was throwing all my energy into my career, which is now very successful, I feel that this may have been a distraction for me which resulted in no work life balance.

Over the recent years something was still not right. Things such as body image issues, occasional binge eating and anxiety often came back to bother me. I never stopped to think that this could be related to anything in my past that I might have been holding on to.

I decided to spend some time with Debbie and unearth what was still holding me back from living my life freely. She has helped me so much in the past discover myself and allow myself to feel what I need to feel and let go.

Deb invested a great deal of time in me and was able to shed some light on some of the underlying factors to overeating, overworking and the anxiety I was feeling. We initially uncovered some underlying anger which I was harboring and together slowly worked through this and identified this anger which I needed to release and forgive.

Since spending my time with Debbie, I have noticed a remarkable difference to the way in which I view life and also respect my body and mind. My relationship with food is very different and I pay attention to what I put into my body, I treat it with love and respect and listen to what it is telling me. Each day I am thankful for all that I have and quote often see the positive more in things.

I can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support and assistance and would recommend your gentle nature and kind and knowledgeable assistance to anyone no matter who you are. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Debbie.”

Caitlin Stewart – Stylist | Caitlin Stewart

I have spent a number of years working through my emotional issues with various forms of natural therapies and yet have never experienced a significant and profound shift quite like this before. Debbie has a gift in being able to create a safe open space to facilitate healing.

Debbie has helped me to gain awareness of and then clear the obstacles and sabotage programs that were inhibiting me from living to my full potential.

Since participating in the Mind Detox Private Mentoring program, I feel a new-found sense of peace, acceptance and love towards myself and others. Thank you Debbie, you have enriched my life.”

Kelli Wood – Kinesiologist | Centered Living

“I experienced low self-confidence, constant self-doubt and lacked direction in my life. The moment I finished the Mind Detox Private Mentoring Program I completely changed the course of my life! I feel like something has shifted inside me and now my world is adjusting itself to accommodate.

It is like I have found a key that opened one of those big doors in life that leads to an entirely new place.  A different way of being and living. A new purpose, balance & adventures. One door closer to an authentic and meaningful life that is lived from my heart.

Debbie, thank you for reigniting a more pro-active way of thinking and a sense of responsibility for myself and my life.”

Jerindi Lee

barbaraturleyDebbie’s positive energy and enthusiasm has been absolutely superb for me.

She continually gives warmth, attention, care and direction to everyone she meets.

Her ability to see the obstacles and challenges yet find a suitable path specific to you is so inspiring.

I love the way her emails, programs and coaching sessions speak directly to the modern woman’s mind and make you think – wow that’s me! Debbie adds a wonderful, playful twist to personal development & spirituality which makes her stand out and shine like the star that she truly is.

Barbara Turley – Wealth Strategist | Energise Wealth

Debbie is one of those rare people whose life is their message.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

The first time I met Deb I felt as if I’d come to warm myself by a lovely fire… she is serene, funny, smart and lives by a set of values that are enlightened yet realistic.  She is supportive and kind but don’t mistake her for a pushover because she doesn’t take any prisoners.  If you commit to making change, she will keep you honest and she will get results.  She is the most fantastically organised and self-motivated person I know.  As someone who struggles mightily with process and procedure, I am constantly in awe of what Debbie achieves methodically, systematically and with absolute precision, from her website to her TV channel to her interview series to her mini-talks.  The sheer volume of work she puts in behind the scenes is mind-blowing.  Is there ANYTHING this girl can’t do!?

The most impressive thing is that Deb has educated herself to such a degree that her knowledge of things practical, spiritual and esoteric are so integrated you don’t even realise how smart she is until you ask her a casual question… how do I create my new website? what’s this thing at the top of my Facebook page? how do I deal with my tendency to procrastinate? what is stopping me from?…why am I afraid of?…  One minute she is giving you a link to download an awesome piece of free software and the next she is coaching you through a process to eradicate negative beliefs and move past a life blockage.  Deb seamlessly combines practical, intellectual and spiritual guidance in a way that touches people no matter what their core values.

In a society where “life coach” has somewhat lost its credibility due to overuse, Debbie is one person who can genuinely lay claim to this title.  She will make a change in your life and you will gain not only a trusted advisor but a dear friend.   

Gayle McGovern |


I wanted to thank you for the amazing session I had with you a few weeks back. You have helped me grow as a person and learn to accept who I am.  Thanks so much for the support, guidance and inspiration over the last year and a half.  I am really starting to feel like I’m taking control of my life and can finally be the person I truly am. Thank you!

ID, Sydney

Since being a part of your 30 day program, watching your Detox your mind TV and I also attended one of your mini talks; my mindset has changed for the better!! I’ve also just been offered an opportunity of a life time within my career. It’s amazing how many positive things are changing in my life, so thank you!”    

Charlotte, Sydney

Love notes from Detox Your Mind TV

Thanks Debbie…. I’ve learnt more in your 7min chat than I have reading certain self help books. Looking forward to next weeks info!”

“Debbie you have honestly helped me turn my life around your videos have helped me stop my self sabotage and racing thoughts. Thank you so much! I am not just saying this honestly my life has changed. Thank you! no therapist except you has ever gotten thru to me.” – Samuel Supovitz