One Word 2017: Harmony

I came upon the concept of focusing on ‘one word’ for the year a few years back when the book ‘My One Word’ was circulating across the inter webs.

I bought that book yet didn’t get past the first chapter.

At the time the thought of focusing on one word felt far too….boring.

My A type personality had more exciting things to create! I had big dreams to follow and plans to unleash. I was in hustle & creation mode with a vision to ‘make it all happen yesterday’ and to narrow my life into one word, well it felt…limiting.

Since then things have shifted slightly.

Ah let me rephrase, nothing is the same!

I became a mumma and it completely changed my entire world.

I can no longer activate my A type personality to the extent that I used to (I feel this is now a blessing BTW)

The 13 hours a day available to dive deep into my passions has now been reduced to 2-3 hours (Annnnd I am still trying to come to terms with this).

Yet there are more beautiful elements which were birthed alongside my gorgeous son.

+ My focus shifted.

+ My values became different.

+ My vision…well, hello! This has expanded incredibly. la stampa autopzionibinarie I yearn now for more connection, love and presence.

opzioni binarie 10 euro gratis I live less for the future and more for the moment. I crave less success and more serenity. Life is no longer about what I can get…but how I am impact another person’s life.

My heart cracked opened.

I have settled into an acceptance of what is which goes against the grain of my natural personality which is to be future focused and vision driven. Not to say I don’t feel these things but I have slowed down…a lot.

I feel clearer on who I am, what I want and the lifestyle I desire to create….right now.

forex london open Which leads me to my word for 2017.

This concept now fits nicely.

It resonates on a deep level. This word is HARMONY.

Whether I have my ‘empire builder’ hat on (albeit for 2 hours during nap time) or whether I am sipping a coffee and soaking up connected conversation with a divine woman – I desire this to be led by harmony.

Embracing balance, unity and peace in a way that feels softer and deeper.

A sense of flow which comes from being in alignment to my greater destiny.

No hustling or pushing necessary.

And resistance…what’s that?!

I desire to be in a place where things come together in perfect harmony.

I asked myself, “how do I create this with life being so…..diverse?” (a nice way to say the good times, the shitty moments and everything in between) That’s when divine guidance dropped into my spirit.

I didn’t plan to have ‘one word’ for 2017.

You see, I was reading the greatest success book every written and this passage jumped off the page.

“I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in live. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace” Eph 4: 1-4

This had me thinking….

(because this is how God works. A concept that hits your spirit and only when you dive into this prompting do you unravel a message and it’s usually a ‘whoa’ moment. Like, holy moly I need this right now and it’s more deep, profound and insightful than anything I could have figured out myself. That’s divine wisdom.)

We are all unique and we are designed this way to provide different gifts and talents to this world. Diversity is part of who we are. And yet within this diversity we need to embrace unity.

This prompted a thought about life.

Because not only was this an incredible lesson about people but I felt the similarity within my own life.

hop over to these guys Life can have so much diversity.

Not only in our emotions. One day I can feel so elated and the next so deflated. Good things happen. As do bad. Things are going so well, and then they don’t.

But more so with life having so many compartments and roles.

What stood out to me was a mis-alignment. When one area was kicking ass…another suffered. Such as I would give too much in my business and neglect my self-care. Could I manage life’s compartments with flow?

In peace and unity?

look at these guys With HARMONY?

As I dived into the definition of harmony this insightful divine guidance become more profound.

These elements stood out; unity, peace, framework, to join together, consistent, orderly, pleasing arrangement of parts and congruity.

I began to realise that harmony is the ‘glue’ which is needed to flow in every area of my life to create order, a positive framework and a pleasing arrangement of all of my life parts.

I didn’t feel this in 2016. I felt flow in one main area and complete mis-alignment in every other.

The definition continued… ‘An arrangement of the four Gospels, or any parallel narratives, which presents a single continuous narrative text’

sive morten analysis forex peace army My eyes were opened to this word in my life.

Harmony is to be the ‘continuous narrative text’ which flows through the compartments of my life – relationships, wellbeing, marriage, calling/business, motherhood, wife, home, finances, self-care.

Now of course this is a metaphor. It may mean nothing to you. For me, this guidance highlighted the mis-alignment I experienced in 2016.

binär optionen versteuern There was no harmony flowing through every area of my life. There was no orderly ‘glue’ maintaining a sense of balance, unity or peace.

As I journaled this word areas that needed attention surfaced….

+ Creating harmonious RELATIONSHIPS through acceptance of others, listening, being open and transparent and speaking the truth as and when it’s needed. Harmony with others does not mean I avoid those hard conversations. As I get older (maybe wiser, nevertheless a lot more accepting of my faults) I no longer desire to maintain the pretence that life is perfect all-the-time and I am OK. If I need help, I’ll ask. If I desire wisdom, I will go to a trusted advisor/friend whom I deeply respect. Harmony is bringing relationships back to balance through authenticity, transparency and love.

+ Continuing see url INTENTIONAL LIVING (a value of mine for over 15 years) and co-creating my life in alignment with my calling. Choosing to surrender, listen and plug in to God puts me on the right path where synchronicity and flow are part of the journey. Harmony in this area means deepening my spiritual practice. To the point where I don’t want to make a single decision without first running it by my life CEO. After all….He created the universe and encoded my unique purpose into my DNA, so I think He knows a thing or two about my next steps 😉

+ My quanto ho guadagnato con le opzioni binarie MARRIAGE. Well, let’s just say this one is my biggest assignment in the word harmony yet the most important. How can two people live in harmony when they are so vastly different? Many of my friends know I have married my polar opposite. And he is absolutely perfect for me. He balances my personality and grounds my ‘we can do anything, let’s change the world, all at once, now!’ desires. I choose to put the value of marriage above all else. Because our relationship is the foundation of our family. Harmony here is accepting who he is unconditionally and loving him in every moment. Always lifting him up as a man and appreciating who he is and all he does. And even when we have ‘those’ conversations, I choose to see his view point knowing it is his truth even if I feel completely the opposite.

+ MONEY and harmony have never been two words I would use in the same sentence. I have my own money shit story which has been deeply embedded by my upbringing and family bloodlines. I’m diving into a new area of generational curses which is opening my eyes up to why we recreate the same shitting situations again and again – far deeper than shifting limiting beliefs and family systems at an identity level (things I would do in Mind Detox). This shiz is epic and has answered a whole lotta questions I had around illnesses, money problems, relationship issues that continue generation after generation (and why babies are born sick). But back to money. This year I am respecting wealth and my role as a wealth creator and philanthropist.

+ My WELLBEING and self-care has taken a back seat (well not even a back seat, it was thrown out of the car all together!) when JB came along. Yet in 2016 my health did dip (there’s another post cooking on this one – I learn’t a very big lesson) I recognise that even tiny down time moments each day are essential to prioritise. Harmony is scheduling in these moments in advance so my week becomes more balanced and I don’t forget to look after the vessel that I am living in.

+ Being PRESENT. And I will add JOY. Because being present and feeling joy, to me, go hand in hand. My A type personality has prioritised my future over the present far too often in the past meaning joy has been hidden behind vision creation. Time to inject a little more. Finding joy in my spiritual practice (immense joy!), relishing in the little things…a moment of silence to myself, an incredible book which creates an ‘ah-ha’ moment, covering my little guy in kisses or sharing an evening with my husband without the pitter patter of tiny feet running around. Present. Moment. Joy = Harmony.

+ Harmonious CONNECTIONS with women + mumma’s will be upped. Expanding my circle in this next season and welcoming in those ‘golden’ women to walk this life with. Connections will also be about creating opportunities for mumma’s to come together in a safe and supportive environment to just be themselves. The whole unity in diversity concept. I LOVE IT! Embracing uniqueness and releasing judgment all the way baby! (#helloluxemumma)

If I dig deep and reflect upon this year harmony is about realignment.

Not allowing one area to overtake another and if it does for a moment being mindful of the entire framework of my life and how all compartments work together. If one area is out of balance another suffers, so being mindful not to allow this.

I choose to embrace a sense of flow and surrender, unity and peace within all areas of my life. Not just one.

This begins with a new default diary (create yours here) incorporating more space and presence by realigning myself and my life to my highest priorities and ensuring those things which feed my soul, mind, body and spirit fill up my days before ‘busyness’ slots itself in.

How you can create ONE WORD for 2017

  1. Reflect on 2016 and notice the messy theme. The things which were not happening, or you weren’t doing or being. The thread which was common throughout your year that just didn’t feel….right.
  2. Think about a word which would correct this. Which if you were to embody in 2017 life would look different, better and more beautiful.
  3. In each of your life areas (relationships, social, family, career/business, health, self-image, finances, personal growth) journal around how you will embody this ONE WORD and weave it into your life.
  4. Commit to clear action steps you can take to make this a reality.

Now I would love to hear from you!

What is your ONE WORD for 2017 and why does this resonate with you?

All my love,

D xo

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