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Nourish Your Body – A Morning Practice

visit this page It is the daily practices which you create in your life – or ‘new standards’ as I call them – that come together over time to create a healthier and happier you.

more tips here I will be sharing more on how to create a new set of standards for your life on Detox Your Mind TV and why this is so important in developing a strong sense of self. Therefore learning to love and accept who you are and letting go of other people’s judgments.

go to this website Today however I would like to share with you one standard which I never compromise (except when travelling and I don’t have all my goodies with me) which I have created as part of my programma segnali opzioni binarie Morning Practice.

su cosa guadagnano i broker di opzioni binarie Because of this ritual I have not been sick in years…I actually can not recall the last time I was ill. Despite my crazy schedule (anyone who knows me understands I take of far too much) I feel energized and can power on through.

visite site my company It’s SO important to nourish your body!

explanation Everything you eat and drink is feeding your cells and giving your body the nutrients it needs to fight off infections, dis-ease and bugs. Not to mention how the food you eat directly affects your moods, emotions, hormones and energy.

visite site I hope this inspires you to put in at least one new standard into your morning routine. Rather than skipping breakfast or rushing out the door and not getting the best nutrients for your day – value yourself, make yourself a priority and incorporate some extra goodness to power you through your day! Oil Pulling: When I wake up I go downstairs and do 15 minutes of Coconut Pulling using Coconut Magic (any coconut oil will do but this tastes the best). This process cleans away bacteria and toxins from the night and is known to whiten teeth (bonus!). Whilst oil pulling I do some stretches. I first heard about oil pulling on Jess’s website The Wellness Warrior. Check out her post here: Oil Pulling

my site Water: Directly after this I have two big glasses of water. Your body needs hydrating after 12 or so hours of no water – so drink up! Helps with kick starting your digestion and elimination of toxins. Water is a one of the best things we can give our bodies…

like it Miracle Drink: I then make myself a glass of Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon and Honey drink (warm water). This will alkaline your body which is essential in fighting off illness and disease. More benefits here: Apple Cider Vinegar + 50 uses. This product is freakin’ amazing.

iq 0ption Green Smoothie: Now it’s Green Smoothie time! For me, I create quite the concoction. It leaves my cells buzzing and my mind + body full of energy. It’s packed full of superfoods, fruit, greens, seeds, protein and spices. You don’t have to go all out though – just add in some fruit, something green, a superfood and you’re set! Recipe here: Green Smoothie Concoction

iqoption bonus 200 Olive Leaf Extract: After my smoothie I have 5mls of Olive Leaf Extract. This baby is probably the reason I have not become sick during the winters when everyone around me is coughing and spluttering. Check out the benefits here: Olive Leaf Extract Vitamins: I choose not to buy vitamins from the chemist (which are synthetic) and instead choose natural plant and fruit based vitamins. I also take high quality fish oil and a pro-biotic.

beställ Viagra postförskott Chlorophyll: When all finished I fill up a drink bottle with Liquid Chlorophyll for my day – again an alkaliser for your system. Benefits here: Liquid Chlorophyll

Looking after your body is ESSENTIAL. You only have one to last you this lifestyle so please take care of it as best you can.

With love,

DS x

PS: I am by no means a Naturopath, Nutritionist or Dietician. This is my own personal practice which has benefited me. Take what you like, leave the rest. It’s your body.

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