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Are Your New Year Resolutions Empty Goals Or Are They Aligned With Who You Are?

strategien binäre optionen 60 sekunden It’s that time of the year where we skip off to Kikki K to buy our goals book, excited about the possibilities we will create and set inside. However if you are like me it is the feeling of opening the cover of a crisp, new moleskin book and putting that first pen to paper that is the most appealing.

opzioni binarie banche italiane auto-binäres We all desire to set some deeply fulfilling, incredibly exciting and wonderfully inspirational New Years Resolutions or 2014 goals.

opzioni binarie per negati I love the beginning of each year as it’s a great time to draw a line in the sand to reflect on what has been and to evoke the possibility of what is to come.

binary options demo accounts So what is the best way to set your goals that carry your New Year anticipation and inspiration right through the year until their completion?

How do you stick to them in a way that feels more natural and less like pulling teeth?

Well, you could kick off by looking at each of the areas of your life: Health + Well-being, Professional, Social, Family, Financial, Spiritual, Intellectual, Rest + Play. It is key that you take into account where you currently are and think about where you want to go – then write down some action steps to get there – all of which is incredibly valuable.

binäre optionen template kostenlos However pause right there…

What if I suggested you did less ‘doing’ and more ‘being’?



Less is more.

It’s great to have goals. Having vision moves you forward and gives you purpose, however far too often a list of goals may leave you dissatisfied with where you are and in a mindset where you will only be happy ‘when’ you achieve your goals.

  • When I lose 3 kgs, then I will be happy…
  • When I find a new boyfriend (hopefully the one), then I will be happy…

binäre optionen gold Sound familiar?

Over the past three years I haven’t set myself ‘goals’

binaire opties strategieën {this year is different and I’ll share why a little later}

Being a coach you may think that is odd? I suppose it is and yet I have experienced the most incredible three years of my life, things didn’t stop coming to me, in fact the most amazing opportunities have landed in my lap and yet I didn’t push for them, strive or keep my eye eagerly waiting their arrival before I enjoyed my life.

During my 20’s all I did was create longs lists of goals that I never actually achieved. Why? Because they were not matched to my core values or purpose.

In hindsight I recognised that my day-to-day lifestyle failed to reflect who I was and therefore my goals were a form of escapism, a fantasy in my mind that would momentarily take me away from the unhappiness I felt in the present.

I thought if I studied this, achieved that income or moved to another state then everything would change for the better. I had the Aston Martin, beach house mansion and million dollar a year income on my vision board because when I got these things THEN I would be happy and all my problems would go away.

Thankfully that paradigm burst 5 years ago when I recognised the real reasons why I set those goals. I wasn’t happy where I was and I thought ‘getting’ these things would miraculously whisk me into some divine life where I would be blissfully happy.

Then I came back to reality. I cleared my emotional baggage and self-worth issues (yep, I had many!) and now I find I no longer set materialistic goals that are unrealistic and disconnected from who I am. In fact the only material ‘goal’ I have now is to buy a house. It’s a strategy, I have a plan and I know I will achieve it.

The truth is I don’t need a lot to make me happy. I live a beautiful life and I am incredibly fulfilled, overflowing with gratitude and living on purpose every day. I have created a lifestyle that is perfectly matched to who I am.

chartanalyse software für binäre optionen Herein lies my message for today.

My advice for you is simplify and do less to receive more.

More abundance.

More fulfillment.

More inner peace.

This comes from living your ideal lifestyle first. It takes a little inner hustle to find out who you are and what you really want. Only then from this solid foundation do I recommend setting goals.

On Lorna Jane’s Move Nourish Believe I share a two-part series on making New Years Resolutions. For me it was no longer about striving to achieve goals that would take me away from the pain I was feeling.

Instead I identified what was most important to me, how I wanted to feel in each moment and then I created positive daily activities that were aligned with these two areas. I started small and I built on them; naturally old habits disappeared, undesirable behaviours ceased and I found myself living a life I really, really loved! I slowly set a solid foundation of who I was and let go of all I wasn’t.

My lifestyle has transformed. I have changed. I have become more of ‘me’ and less of what everyone else wants and expects.

The result is that I know on every level of my being who I am, what lights me up, what is most important to me and therefore how to spend my time and energy to create a deeply fulfilling life.

Now I am ready to set those hairy, audacious goals and I believe I will achieve them without too much resistance (except of course fear which naturally shows up when I push outside my comfort zone), without procrastination and without reflecting back on New Years Eve 2014 to a list of unrealised New Year Resolutions that I either failed to achieve or wasn’t passionate about in the first place!

Is this easy? No. You will have to fight with your inner mean girl, lean into the resistance (again and again) and fail pick yourself up and no doubt fail again. You will most probably go against the mindset of some of your friends too….and that is OK.

The most important piece of insight I can give you is to always be true to yourself because then one day you will wake up and notice you have created an incredibly satisfying lifestyle, perfectly suited to who you truly are.

With love,

DS xx

how to be good at binary options trading Check out the two part series on Move Nourish Believe:

What to do before setting New Year resolutions | Part 1

What to do before setting New Year resolutions | Part 2


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