Why I Decided To Build A Network Marketing Empire

opcje binarne zarabiaj You may be thinking…’WHAT!? Did I read this correctly!?’

Yes you did.

So how did I get here? And why?

It was an ‘ah-ha’ moment I will never forget.

I had just taken 1.5 years on and off during my pregnancy and JB’s birth to focus on being a mama and embrace this season of life.

JB was 6 months old when I decided to sit down and write my first blog post slowly stepping back into my coaching business.

demo gratis per traiding That’s when it hit me….

As I sat there trying to write a heart-felt post. The words just didn’t come. The sentences I had written didn’t make sense. I no longer felt like I had the creative inspiration to share my message…In fact, I didn’t have much inspiration at all.

binäre optionen scalping With this new season of mamahood came things I couldn’t have predicted.

+ Foggy head, zero focus and no clarity of mind (seriously mama brain WTF! My intelligence left as quickly as my dignity did the moment JB was born).

+ Fatigue (so much fatigue!)

+ Feeling depleted physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Which left me feeling rather uninspired and not at all creative or motivated to dive into the next season of my coaching business….online programs, sales funnels and webinars to create passive income.

Because you see I no longer had the time or capacity to run luxury retreats in Bali, to travel Australia speaking or doing workshops or to even do private 1:1 sessions.

I was a mama first and foremost and there are nights this mama would only get 3 hours sleep!

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Without Prescription Online That’s when I realised something.

I had invested so much time, energy and money (so much money!) into building my coaching business and six years on…

If I didn’t show up, I didn’t get paid!

Don’t get me wrong, pre-baby my business was the epitome of my 10 year vision.

It was everything I had ever wanted.

A laptop lifestyle of complete freedom and jetsetting around the world working from anywhere, anytime, with whom I please.

To say I LOVED every minute was an understatement – it was incredible – and the lives changed along the way inspired me to keep building, growing and serving on a greater level.

The 13 hour days for the first 3 years (much less as time went on – thankfully) and close to $50k in investment did build me a steady 6+ figure income and a booked out coaching schedule consistently for 4 years.

However the ah-ha moment came sitting at my desk when I realised I no longer had the same creativity or amount of time to run my business.

Now my new season was motherhood.

Yours may be an illness, redundancy, pregnancy….anything which disrupts your current lifestyle and doesn’t allow you to show up in the same capacity.

Of course with my online programs there was a minimal consistent passive flow – but not enough to fulfil the higher vision that I held within my heart:

  • The vision to create an international private institution to transform education helping our children to discover their unique gifts and purpose.
  • The desire to do philanthropic work with mama’s and their babies in Bali and around the world.
  • The heart-pulling desire in the depths of my heart to see many areas of our society transformed – women’s worth upheld and children protected.
  • The online brand to empower mama’s to lead with influence and to hold families together in love.

come si apre un conto peropzioni binarie I still had BIG plans to fulfill.

Alongside the realisation I no longer had 13 hours a day or a hell of a lot of energy to pick up where I left off so to speak….birthed within those 1.5 years of pregnancy and newborn land came new ideas, passion projects and a heart to create deep change within society and our world where it is needed most.

Motherhood had changed me.

binary option city I craved contribution and to make a bigger impact.

I had been feeling in transition for some time.

In December 2015 it all began to make sense.

So here I was. November 2015. Wondering what the hell I was going to do.

My heart wanted big things. Yet my focus was on being the best mama possible.

I knew to reach the level of income I wanted to create as a business woman, within my coaching business I would have to uplevel to a team, invest $$ into online marketing and sales funnels and consistently work at building my brand every day. This is the next level for every coach.

Yet these things needed to fit in and around a little man who I wanted to give so much of my time, energy and heart.

الخيارات الثنائية الروبوت تسجيل الدخول And this didn’t feel high vibe to me.

I understood the amount of effort and work this would take as I was mentored by an incredible coach Natalie MacNeil from She Takes On The World.

Through her transparency I saw first hand what was required to build to high 6 and 7 figures. It was a full time gig.

And I didn’t want a full time gig.

trading binario applicazione I craved lifestyle. sicherste und beste plattform für binäre optionen Family. bdswiss verklagen Space.

opcje binarne jak handlować Freedom.

buy Viagra sildenafil citrate in Vancouver Washington I wanted to work smarter, not harder.

And that’s when it happened. Literally the same week I had this epiphany (love how God works).

A phone call with my mama changed everything (and I didn’t know it yet)

Then a visit to my parents house in Noosa at Christmas opened my mind to a new path.

Holy freakin’ moly batman!

iq option onlin This blew me away.

Now I liked network marketing. I didn’t have any stigma around the industry (people, yes. Inethical companies, yes. But not the industry itself).

I always knew in my heart I would pursue this business model because of the unlimited income and leveraged wealth opportunity. Many of the mentors I had followed in my twenties made their wealth in multi-level marketing.

However I never connected with a catalogue of products, selling style business models or the people who shared it with me.

The way I had been approached in the past seemed very salesy, a little spammy and sooooooo inauthentic!

Plus the thought of being a glorified sales rep was not my idea of a heart-based business (annnd sales is my weakness!)

binär optionen traden So what changed? Why am I here 11 months on with a network marketing empire?

It all came down to the company I chose to partner with and the way I choose to do business.

Firstly I don’t do what traditional network marketers have to do (amen!)

  • No home parties or workshops (for me as a busy mama and business owner I don’t have time to run workshops or do home parties with guests tripping over baby toys – eek!)
  • No customer orders (or stocking/driving product around).
  • No surprising friends at an impromptu home party with ‘hey, I know you were here for dinner buuut join my network marketing business!’

In fact, I run by business from my iphone.

I started when JB was 7 months old whilst breastfeeding and within nap times.

I do it having beautiful heart-felt conversations with people about what they want in life. I share a few links and connect them with someone else.

That’s it!

It’s digital/online marketing via an app. Complete disruption of an old industry with a business model similar to Uber and Air BNB (smart huh?!).

strategia opzioni bi narie You see, I am still in the business of helping women achieve their dreams.

I continue to work on self-worth, confidence, smash limiting beliefs and bust through fears.

I continue to be a business coach and mentor.

I continue to use all my valuable coaching and business experience.

I continue to lead and be surrounded by incredible women stepping up and living their best lives.

And the best part is I get to see these lives change within weeks and months!

There was one other thing that pulled at my heart-strings more than retiring my husband within 12 months.

Even when my gut screamed yes (and my mind screamed ‘what the hell are you doing!?’)

trading online sistema binario account di prova I felt a renewed vision that put a fire in my belly once again….

Previously in coaching hundreds of women in their binaire opties 60 seconden strategie self-worth there was one clear commonality.

MONEY (or lack thereof).

Because self-worth and money are inextricably linked.

Many were living paycheck to paycheck and feeling imprisoned by a lack of finances….stuck in jobs they didn’t like, not able to support their passion business or do what they truly wanted to do!

This had to stop!

Women needed to step up and own their worth, be comfortable in building wealth through business and step into their highest potential!

And that’s what happened:

+ Mama’s who didn’t want to return to work so they could stay with their babies

+ Women who had launched their own businesses yet felt the heaviness of having to maintain clients or launch to continue bringing in income.

+ Corporates who wanted to leave the 9-5 and embark on a life of freedom working for themselves.

I imagined a sisterhood of women collaborating together to build wealth and impact each others lives so they could go onto create the most beautiful life they had imagined.

Boom! I was back.

Fuelled by a vision larger than myself that no judgment could shake.

I got to work…

I shared my story. I had conversations. I sent some links.

And women resonated!

Fast forward 11 months and my dream of retiring my husband is now becoming a reality. We are planning our move to Noosa when the timing feels right (whoop whoop). And we have qualified for two (yes, not one but two) Mercedes Benz paid for by the company.

(I’m not much of a car person but in reality, cars a depreciating asset and it’s smart business to not have this expense each month. I’m wasn’t going to say no.)

Not only have I recreated the laptop lifestyle of freedom and choice which I had in my coaching business.

I have been able to do this part-time around my highest priorities…my baby, my husband and my life!

But it gets better.

Unlike my coaching business which ticked all those boxes.

I have now created residual income that has replaced my coaching business and I will get paid, every month, year on year, for the rest of my life.

Freakin’ smart huh?!

So why did I decide to build a network marketing empire?

Because I always want to have choice.

I desire freedom and to never ‘have’ to do something I don’t want to do just for money.

I needed a proven plan that didn’t take a lot of time or capacity and was passive or residual.

I no longer wanted to swap time for money.

I envisioned a certain lifestyle I wanted for myself and my family and well, my deeper purpose is pulling harder at my heart strings.

So when I:

+ Dive into creating the private educational institution in Noosa to give our children the best future…. I can do so without fear of where my income will come from.

+ Spend 50% if my time doing philanthropic work that has been deep within my soul for as long as I can remember….I don’t have to rush back to ‘get to work’.

+ Sit down with a woman who has had a rough past, or give my time to children in domestic violence situations who deserve so much love….I can be present.

I now have a solid plan to create a 7 figure income.

BUT this is not about the money.

It’s about the journey of contribution and a destination of purpose. 

And my destination requires money which gives me the ability to make a bigger difference on this planet.

Too many children are suffering both here in Australia and around the world. My heart is to change this.

I’m still building this empire as it is only the beginning, yet my dreams and plans are unfolding and the future is so incredibly bright.

So what’s next?

Helping other women do exactly the same.

Because now I see myself as a business woman with a residual income that is increasing month on month…creating the time, the wealth and the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want and with whom I want.

I’m not a coach, or a network marketer.

I am an entrepreneur who has a coaching business, a multi-level marketing business, a soon to be released lifestyle blog and behind the scenes I’m working on societal change to do what matters most…helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Now I show up high vibe full of inspiration to truly change women’s lives for the better.

I have stepped into a business that is completely ‘done for you’ and I followed a proven system which anyone can do.

I then added the element that made my coaching business a success – LOVING people. Adding VALUE to people’s lives. CARING about people and serving a NEED.

Because this is authentic business.

Most of the women who have joined me have never been in network marketing, don’t really like the industry and are afraid of the stigma.

However they listened to their small voice inside which whispered…take the risk!

The community I had always craved to create; of women empowering one another, supporting each other through the good times and not so good, and helping one another become more… it is happening before my eyes.

And to nurture this sisterhood of women to finally unapologetically own their worth and build financial wealth – seriously – this alone gets me fired up every morning!

But most of all the transparency, honesty, courage and deep conversations of business, love and life is what lights me up the most.

These women are not only my business partners and now friends but women whom I honour, respect and consider so valuable in my life because to me, their lives are so valuable.

I do not approach my network marketing business with ‘who can I get on my team?‘ because this does not matter to me.

Instead I ask ‘are you ready to truly change your life?

Because I don’t take just anyone into my business.

So behind the scenes this year I have been building an empire.

And it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself, my family and the lives of those around me.

D xo


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