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It’s Time You Became Your Own Best Friend!

best stocks for binary options This week I had the opportunity to present again at Beautiful Minds Australia, a course for teenage girls aged between 11 – 17 years old.

no deposit bonus binary options november 2013 It was following this presentation that afternoon that something deeply shocked me.

strategia opzioni binarie bande di bollinger Through various comments they shared with me after the workshop I discovered just how much their negative self-talk (inner enemy) affected them on a moment by moment basis.

binäre optionen chancen risiken I wasn’t so much shocked about what was going on inside of their heads because at their age I had my own inner enemy. I was so concerned about what people thought of me that my entire focus was to be skinny enough and pretty enough so that people would like me. Looking back this self-talk consumed my world almost every day in high school….

opzioni binarie fibonacci The shock came afterwards as I was driving home because what they were thinking, the negative self-talk holding them back from accepting who they are, showing their unique gifts and talents and experiencing peace and happiness is in fact the EXACT same negative self-talk that I see in the women I work with every day – which means women are being tormented and put down by this voice for 10, 20, 30 years!

trading opzioni binarie cosa sono This sparked a deep sadness inside of me and has prompted me to take this conversation public.BM

werbung für binäre optionen Because it doesn’t have to be this way.

This Sunday on ip option Detox Your Mind TV I am launching a new series binäre optionen focus 7 Steps To Self-Love. Over seven weeks we will delve into the negative voice in your head and I’ll share with you how to take back control of your mind and body. It’s time to release comparison, judgment, fear, self-doubt and to STOP beating yourself up. You are good enough, you don’t need to be fixed and there is nothing wrong with you.

binäre optionen roulette system It’s time we all become our own best friends!

So grab a morning cuppa and settle down in a comfy chair for your weekly dose of self-love; if you are not yet on my VIP love list register in the right box and recieve your complimentary e-course.

With love,

Debbie x

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