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Is Fear & Self-Doubt Holding You Back?

important link Have you ever had an idea where your motivation was high and you felt incredibly inspired to make it happen. Yet when it came to taking action you became paralysed. Your self esteem plummeted as fearful and doubting thoughts crept in such as…

look at more info ‘Why is this so hard?’ ‘Maybe it’s not the right path for me’ read this article ‘Other people can succeed but I just don’t think I can’…

basic online dating questions In this episode of Detox Your Mind TV you will learn my core process on how you can stop procrastinating to overcome fear and obstacles (especially those self-defeating thoughts inside of your head!) which arise as you move forward towards making things happen in a big way.

hop over to these guys The only thing holding you back from where you are and where you desire to you. It’s the internal game you need to master in order to believe in yourself, take inspired action and get the results you so desire! Watch today’s episode above and let’s get started.

view website index STEP 1. Get it all out

you can try these out List out all of the negative self-talk, limiting statements, reasons and excuses as to why this won’t work and every fear and doubt that grips you.

click this link here now STEP 2. Is it really true?

Begin to disprove these statements by asking yourself ‘is this true 100% of the time?’ and see these statements from a new perspective.

(note: if you decide to listen to your negative self-talk – how will life look in 5 or 10 years? Are you willing to stay stuck where you are in missed opportunity, lost dreams and buried desires or are you now ready to go after what you want?)

opcje binarne jak zacząć STEP 3. Move forward:

a} who do I need to be in order to make this happen that I have never been before?

b} what will I be doing that I have never done?

c} where am I not showing up?

d} what will I need to learn for success?

Now take action on your answers!

Many of us forget that the ez traders journey towards success is equally important as the cosa utilizzare per le opzioni binarie destination, why? Because who we become in the process enables us to create and live out the end results we desire. Because the person you need to be in order to live your ideal life is different from who you are today.

Don’t be afraid of self-doubt, fear or resistance – they simply show up when you need to step up.

With love,

DS xx




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  • Gayle July 12, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    Ha ha – Deb, as always, you hit the nail on the head and came up with this reminder at exactly the right time. My sneakiest little procrastination technique is “duty” – I had just such a time of excitement and purpose that you talk about a few weeks ago and I went to great lengths to start along the path. I truly felt like I was finally breaking through and that THIS time I was going to make it happen. Imagine my horror to discover that I have instead allowed several other (admittedly important) commitments to take all my time and energy instead. It is SO easy to justify not doing something new when “work” gets in the way, or “family commitments” take up precious time and energy. I just want to smack myself. I have practically a whole room dedicated to “ideas that never came to anything”. I used to be so proactive, but now… (shakes head in disgust)… when did I become such a coward?? I shall work through your process and blast the resistance out of the way. There is no room for any more ideas that never materialised. Thanks for the wake-up call beautiful lady. xxx

    • Debbie Spellman July 22, 2015 at 11:12 am

      Hi Gayle,
      The answers always show up when we need them 🙂
      Loved that this message is so timely for you! Now honey, get out there and make your idea happen…
      Lots of love, D xx

  • Dyson August 12, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    Set clear boundaries– Setting boundaries and saying no can be awkward, if not outright uncomfortable. Or it may be you need to say no to some of the offers, invitations and opportunities that you may previously have taken on. After all, you can’t build confidence by doing things that neither leverage your strengths nor ‘fill your tank.

    • Debbie Spellman November 6, 2015 at 12:01 pm

      Spot on Eric 🙂