In Life….What Do You Pack & What Do You Leave Behind?

simulatore di strategie con opzioni You find yourself going on a new trip, a new journey. You arrive at the airport, excited and perhaps a little apprehensive. As the check in lady calls you forward you wheel your baggage to the desk and with great strain you lift it onto the carousel. It feels good to pass it off to another person and get it out of your hands, it was really weighing you down.

broker opzioni binarie italia She advises that you have exceeded your baggage limit, although your not surprised, it’s been a tough day at work getting everything finalised before your trip. Not to mention the rush to get to the airport in time, it was unnecessary stress that you just didn’t need. opzioni binarie starter kit scaricare As you watch your baggage move away from you with a red ‘heavy’ tag you smile and feel a wave of relief.

stampa forex spedizione gratis In life we think things are going ok, we feel relief at times when we let something go and yet this emotional baggage we carry is never too far away…

buy tastylia You reach down and pick up your carryon case – some of it had to come with you and don’t forget there is still a little more in your handbag.

miglior broker opzioni binarie 60 secondi You walk through the boarding gate onto the plane, as you reach your seat you lift your carryon case above you in the overhead locker and place your handbag under your seat. You are no longer carrying your baggage and you peacefully enjoy the flight, free from the worries of the world. You look out the window; it feels like you are floating on clouds, everything seems so tranquil. As you relax into your seat you feel you are worlds away from your problems.

divorced and dating a widower What seems like a lifetime later, the pilot announces you are descending to your destination. You glance out the window and see the urban sprawl below…it appears so untroubled from this view. With the seat belt sign off, you grab your handbag from under the seat in front of you. It’s right where you left it. You lift the latch on the overhead lockers to retrieve your carry on case, careful in case it has moved throughout the flight. You find it is exactly as it should be. le opzioni binarie video grillo As you step off the plane in this new destination, you’re feeling somewhat happy…you catch yourself thinking, if only you could feel this good all the time. Walking down to the carousel you hope your baggage is there and has not been lost in transit, what would you do without it? …after all, it’s got all your personal belongings inside, everything you are attached to. Some of which can not be replaced….or so you think.

köpa Viagra i prag You reach the carousel and wait patiently, as the seconds tick by you feel a little nervous, where is your baggage? Then you see it, coming around the corner…like an old friend greeting you in an unfamiliar place. You struggle to lift it off the carousel without a little help from the man next to you…his warm smile is comforting and you thank him for being there, you would have had some trouble if you had to deal with it alone.

Part time morning jobs bradford Walking out of the airport you feel a sense of freedom, a new place, perhaps a new beginning…you’re looking forward to arriving at the hotel so you can get rid of your baggage and explore; see what new things you could find, unknown territories you could discover and amazing new friends you could meet.

opcje binarne złoto The taxi driver opens the boot and tells you to leave your baggage on the pavement, he’ll take the load and put it away. You grab your handbag, you will keep hold of this, it just feels more secure to keep some of it with you.

miglior broker opzioni binarie italiano As you drive down the boulevard, you begin to tell the taxi driver all about your plans. Without even realising it you find yourself talking about all the pressures of work, the issues at home, how difficult life can get and how happy you are to leave that all that behind. He stares at you in the revision mirror and gives you a look; like there is something you don’t quite understand.

binäre optionen vergleich broker You arrive at your hotel and the porter opens your door. As you step outside the taxi and look up at the grand entrance you feel excitement inside, finally a holiday!

opcje binarne mlm As you continue to walk through the revolving doors and into the lobby you feel like something is missing, you seem lighter and it feels nice. As you step into the lift to go up to your room, you turn around and see the porter following you with all your baggage on a trolley….for a moment you felt free.

vart kan man köpa Sildenafil Citrate online The porter meets you at your door and carries your baggage inside. You give him a tip for helping you. Even though you know it’s his job, you are thankful for his kind gesture,

singapore central bank linked to forex probe As you stare at your baggage on the hotel room floor, you find it difficult to remember what you packed inside, although it has followed you here from home, it looks strangely unfamiliar and part of you feels you don’t even need to open it up…surely you can get by without it for today.

trading piattaforma migliore However it is too compelling to ignore, who would have thought? As you slowly pull open the zipper, it all comes back to you. Bit by bit you unpack, noticing your attachment to each item as you place it around your hotel room. It begins to feels like home.

You always pack a few things you love when you travel; it’s the familiarity, it makes you feel comfortable no matter where you are. Some of the things you pack, you have had since you were a child……

Life is like going on a trip and each of us journey through, dragging our emotional baggage from our past. Yet on this trip, you never quite reach your destination because as you pack and unpack all your baggage you come to realise that the travel never ends, it just continues…sometimes the things we hold in our baggage assist us, most of the time they destroy us, dragging us down and consuming our mind, because our emotional baggage is made up of negative associations and pain.

At times we stroll along with just a rug sack, feeling happy and content. Other times it feels like we have a load of baggage and it’s these moments we carry it on our shoulders, the burden so unbearable it weighs us down.

…… you leave the room and walk out of the hotel;

You think to yourself, how it would feel to get off that plane without your carryon and handbag?

You imagine, what you could do if you continued past that carousel without collecting your baggage….

…and you finally see what you could be, if you believed in yourself enough to face a new destination without the things you thought you needed, the things you thought, made you who you are.

You now understand those memories of resentment, fear, hurt, anger, sadness and guilt…all of which you thought defined you. What you thought you needed to hold onto and carry around, as you made your way through life; were simply your experiences, purely there for you to learn and grow in character.

As you recognise the past has helped shape who you are today – you realise it didn’t need to be changed for you to be at peace with what had happened. It was simply changing your relationship with your past and these new perceptions…that created the real change.

You become aware…as you stand there free from your past. That underneath all that old baggage, was who you were all along and all you ever needed to be….nothing more, nothing less. Perfectly you. Perfectly free.

So what do you pack to embark on this journey called ‘life’ and what do you leave behind? Isn’t it time you cleared yourself from the emotional baggage of your past? You and I know you are still carrying it around to this day.

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