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7 Ways To Move Forward Effectively

binäre optionen steuerrecht openbinary demo It’s so important to make room for the new to enter into your life because it is difficult to focus on all you want to create when your environment shows the opposite.

Sildenafil Citrate köpa online Even if you are reading this post well into the year…it is still relevant.

finance trainer fx options Starting afresh requires a clean slate. A clear mind and a de-cluttered environment.

binära optioner i sverige spread trading Here are 7 ways you can tie up those things which drain your energy, metaphysically block abundance and keep you stuck:

piattaforme trading gratuite binary option robot erfahrungen + De-clutter

fare trading con prodotti finanziari Cupboards + Draws: It’s amazing how life just moves on and slowly things build around us which we don’t even notice. Messy draws and cupboards, untidy shelves and crammed boxes of ‘stuff’ which we don’t even use. Now is the chance for you to invest your time in a little spring cleaning. Ensure you tackle one room or area at a time and do until completion. Leaving tasks undone is called ‘open loops’ and these will drain your energy.

binäre optionen 60 sekunden Home: After you have cleaned out all the mess. Consider the clutter. Do you absolutely adore the items in your home or are they unwanted gifts you felt obliged to keep or perhaps ornaments which are 10 years old that just don’t match your style anymore. Use pinterest to re-invigorate your inner interior decorator and get rid of anything that doesn’t spark a little love inside of you.

Wardrobe: the item of clothing you are keeping ‘just in-case’ it looks good in the future…it’s time to let that go! Anything else you have not worn in the last 12 months needs a new home. Filing your wardrobe with classic must have’s and a touch of trend which fit your body p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y will see you spending less time wondering what to wear each day. Go through every item and if it doesn’t look good right now…clear it out.

Kitchen: throw out of date items in the bin, clean and re-organise your cupboards, pantry and fridge and get rid of anything you just won’t eat. Gosh that feels good, doesn’t it?

A little extra: I love this post by Becoming Minimalist on how you can de-clutter…especially the wardrobe tip! Brilliant: 10 Creative Ways To De-Clutter Your Home

iq option aperto nel weekend + Sell or Charity

All the items you have removed from your wardrobe, cupboards, draws, office and shelves will need a new home. Perhaps they just need to be trashed or recycled. Yet other items could go to good use. Sell the good quality items on ebay or gumtree, give away other items to friends in need and whatever is remaining hand over to charity. Win/win/win!

60s optios + Tie up loose ends

You know that task that has been on your to do list for 3 years – just cross it off! The pants you ‘still’ haven’t had hemmed…drop them in. The shoes you need re-soled. Take them too! All of these little errands weigh on your psyche. Use this holiday time to tie up all old loose ends. Sit down and make a list of everything which needs to be done and just take action!

piattaforma trading gratis italiano + Make time

Have you purchased books and programs over the year and just haven’t had a chance to sit down and invest your time into learning? Get all of your books and programs in order and make a priority list to get them done. For online programs have them all printed and bound for easy reference and learning then allocate this time into your calendar or it won’t happen!

How to make money in stocks o'neil pdf + Systemise, Store and File

To avoid creating the same circumstances this time next year consider how you can implement storage, systems and filing to prevent clutter and unwanted ‘stuff’ building up.

Begin with the bedroom. Perhaps it’s draw compartments, new coat hangers, a bigger wardrobe, shoe boxes/rack or storage boxes. Then move onto the other areas of the home. Ikea and Howards Storage World have fantastic organising ideas or visit your local stationery store to re-vamp your office so everything is at your fingertips.

Don’t forget your computer. Get on top of your inbox and delete and archive emails (use to mass unsubscribe and systemise). Go through all of your files (including downloads) and delete the ones you don’t use…your computer will thank you for the extra space! I keep all of my online programs, ebooks and big files on an external hard drive (as well as my back ups) to free up space for day-to-day work.

opzione binarie cosa sono + Financial

If you are guilty of being in denial about your finances – now is the time to stop. To build wealth effectively you must take control of your money. It starts with your current habits. Take stock of exactly where your money went this past year. A great free app to use is Wave Accounting which will link with your bank account and allow you to import and allocate where your money has gone. It then creates pretty charts for you to see the results! You will need a few hours but it’s well worth the effort – it’s a great task to do in front of the TV at night time.

Now get honest with yourself about your debts and spending. Then either work with a financial planner or create some financial goals yourself. How much would you like to save by this time next year? Can you cut spending in any area of your life (clothes and entertainment perhaps) to pay off more debt? Create your budget, set up some new bank accounts to have your money automatically split between savings, bills and spending and watch your nest egg grow. This is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself.

autopzionibinarie a un euro + Task List

Now it’s time to look at those projects you have had lingering on your to do list all year. Did you want to create a herb garden or put all your photos into an album? It’s these tasks which we desire to do yet rarely make the time to complete. Perhaps your to do list is on numerous pieces of paper, scribbled as notes in your diary or even floating around in your head. I recommend finding an online to do list app that works for you and brain-dumping everything you want to do. Now, go back through that list and clear the things that just don’t light you up on the inside…delete them right away. Secondly, see if you can delegate some projects to someone else or outsource. You will then be left with your A-list. Remember, if it’s not in your diary it won’t get done so take a moment to think about how long each task will take then go to your diary and schedule it in. Yes, even if you schedule all the way through the year. You can always re-schedule if something comes up but at least it’s in the diary. This is the only way you will actually move forward on the projects which are important to you.

To set yourself up for an incredible year you must prepare yourself to move forward effectively. Implement these strategies to clear the old and make room for the new.

Now I would love to hear from you! What are you committing to do or what have you recently done to make room for the new?

With love,

DS x

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  • Erica December 29, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    I love this post, and lots of great suggestions, all of which I know. It was a harsh reminder of how much I have to SK before going back work and holiday is over. I honestly feel if I was to do everything on the list I would not have any relax time to actually have ‘ a holiday / break ‘

    • Debbie Spellman January 9, 2015 at 11:24 am

      Hi Erica,
      I have been doing a room at a time…and setting up new systems so I won’t need to de-clutter so much again! It feels very freeing. Good luck x

  • angelica January 4, 2015 at 7:21 pm

    loved doing this felt refreshed and invigorated thank you debbie

    • Debbie Spellman January 9, 2015 at 11:24 am

      Great to hear Angelica!
      You are very welcome x