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Guided Deep Breathing Meditation

binäre optionen millionär Recently I teamed up with Women’s Fitness Magazine to film a Guided Deep Breathing Meditation for their readers and now I have this to share with you!

binäre optionen demo konto deutsche sprache Make this guided breathing meditation part of your regular morning or evening routine or simply do on your own twice daily to reap all the benefits. This technique only takes a few moments each day and yet as you can see above the benefits to your health are incredible!

Who would have thought our humble breath could do so much good!

opzioni binarie paypal Why is deep breathing so important?

Shallow breathing or inhaling by lifting your rib cage with your upper chest and throat muscles into your shoulders and chest can cause headaches, aches and pain. Essentially if you are not breathing into your diaphragm, muscles in your upper chest and throat take over. As these muscles are not designed for this task they can exhaust and we are left with physical pain. Not only this, failing to breath deeply can increase anxiety and stress – because it’s the deep breathing which activates our para-sympathetic nervous system – in other words hitting reverse on our stress response.

strategia opzioni binarie a 30 secondi Before you dive into the video check out the amazing benefits of deep breathing below….

opzioni binarie eur/usd Key Benefits of Deep Breathing

binäre optionen erfolgreich handeln + It makes us feel good! When we breath deeply we are releasing endorphins throughout our body. Endorphins are the feel-good, natural painkillers created by our bodies. When practicing deep breathing, the upward and downward movement of the diaphragm helps remove toxins from the organs, promoting better blood flow. Oxygen provides energy! This simple technique can perk you up in no time at all.

broker für binäre optionen + Better respiratory system: Deep breathing is like a mini-workout for your lungs. Over time deep breaths expand the lungs and strengthens them as they learns to hold more oxygen and work more effectively. This helps in preventing and relieving conditions like sinusitis, colds and chest congestion.

binary options jobs israel + Healthy organs: Breathing into your gut massages the internal organs to function at a more optimum level.  It’s a fantastic way to improve your digestion! When you breathe deeply your diaphragm moves downwards. This action helps massage the organs in your stomach making them function better, improving digestion and assisting with constipation. Yes! Did you know that constipation is common and is often due to shallow breathing. Learning how to breathe properly into your lower abdomen can trigger regular bowel movements right away!

binäre optionen simulator + Emotional release: Not only does deep breathing calm the emotions (which also directly affects the digestion system) it can be a great emotional release. Think about when you cry there is a great level of deep breathing and exhale. Anxiety can also be managed by developing deep-breathing habits.

miglior broker opzioni binarie 60 secondi + Releases toxins: another great benefit of deep breathing is the detoxification of your body. A deep breath creates more energy for the body to heal and detoxify. It helps tissues to regenerate and heal and releases toxins from your body. Where as if you breathe shallow, your other organs need to work overtime to get the same results. A study found that by practicing these breathing exercises for 12 to 24 weeks cancer patients had a considerably higher amount of natural killer cells (cells that kill harmful substances in the body) – thereby strengthening their immune system.

There are countless more benefits but I think you get the gist 😉

With love,

DS x


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