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Fifty Two Women No. 30 | Lara Casey

För Viagra 120 mg på nätet visum I would love to introduce you to Lara Casey. One look at her website and you will fall in love with…ah, everything! Not only is she incredibly gifted, powerfully purposeful and an absolute success but it’s her vulnerability and authenticity which shines so bright. Dive into her blog posts for valuable wisdom, truth + love bombs – ‘Beautiful’ is one word to describe every element of her empire.

binaire opties hulpmiddelen Köpa Viagra Södertälje You are such an inspiration for women in all you have achieved in your business. Was there a time when you didn’t feel so confident in what you were doing and why?

viagra billig online Yes, so many times! I’ve made a lot of mistakes in business and felt about one inch tall. But, the times I’ve failed and the times I’ve been humbled have taught me far more than the times I have succeeded. Now, I am grateful for failure — it refines me.

För Viagra 120 mg utan recept expatica nl dating Was there a defining moment when you decided to launch your business or did this develop and evolve over time?

Ten years ago, right after college graduation, I made the decision to leave the path everyone thought I would take. Not knowing what I was going to do to pay off my college debt or pay my bills, I left theater and became a personal trainer in New York. I wanted to help people transform themselves from the inside out. Fast forward to two years later when my family’s home was ravaged by Hurricane Ivan, my brother lost the ability to walk in a snowboarding accident and I, fresh off of a failed relationship, had left NY and moved in with my very disappointed and depressed parents. Then, one Sunday afternoon, a tall, dark, handsome Navy gent walked up to me in the gym and introduced himself. Ari was the first person to make me feel loved, not despite my flaws, but with them. He helped heal my family’s heart. Shortly after we started dating, my brother began to walk. A true miracle. My mom – a French chef – got back in the kitchen and my dad started to smile again. I started to believe in true love. Little did I know that I would fall in love with Ari and we would be married just five months later (in Vegas, but that’s another story!). I started a little event planning company and fell in love with the world of weddings. On our one year wedding anniversary, Ari was deployed to Iraq. I was so afraid for him and needed something to keep my mind occupied. So, one night I found myself dreaming of pretty things – anything to keep my mind off bomb threats. I started mocking up a wedding magazine cover on my little 13-inch PC and the rest, as they say, is history. I did the first issue all by myself with no formal training, so it took several months to learn how to format the files correctly, find content, and put it all together.

bdswiss reverenzen Living our passion – even one which stems from our truest hearts desires – can be daunting. What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your mindset in order to live the life of your dreams?

The biggest obstacle was not chasing my dreams. That’s not a typo : ) I spent the first five years in business chasing after what the world says is “success”— more money, bigger business, etc. My marriage started to fall apart. We ended up sleeping in separate beds. My business ironically started to fall apart too. I had no boundaries and was working 24/7. I was chasing all the wrong things. Today, though I am imperfect, I know that that true success comes from following God and going after the dreams He has for us. Everything changed when I started to let go of my own big plans for better ones.

no prescription metformin cod delivery Where do you source your inspiration?

From remembering my own path – that I used to be lost in many ways, specifically in our marriage. I thought it was impossible for anything to change. I thought we were headed for divorce about twelve dozen times. But, God had other plans. It wasn’t overnight, but the impossible happened. Now I know that the impossible is possible and that motivates me to help others know the same! All I do — with Southern Weddings, my shop, the Making Things Happen conference, my book — is done with this clear core: make what matters happen and be done with all the rest.

binary option no deposit bonuses We all have those days where we just want to crawl under a rock and hide and whether this is due to things not going well or not feeling our best. Fleeting as they may be, how do you move through moments like these?

Snuggling or being silly with my daughter Grace, getting out in my garden, hugging my husband, spending time counting my blessings, and most of all, prayer — pouring out my frustrations, fears, anxieties, worries. When I remember the big picture, my worries and stress melt.

buy pharmacy Seroquel waterview Life can be overwhelming in our attempts to juggle work, nurture relationships, take time out for ourselves, tend to our families and everything else in between. What do you do when you begin to feel completely overwhelmed?

I have to stop and be still and decide to let something go. We can’t do it all, but we can do what matters. Choosing to say no to something means you are saying YES to something better.

forex piyasası vikipedi Mental chatter is one thing my readers share they struggle with on a daily basis. What is your process in overcoming your own negative self-talk?

I have to renew my mind and get the right talk in my head. For me, that means reading God’s truths in the Bible about my identity, not looking to others for that answer. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others, but comparison is coveting. Comparison is saying we aren’t grateful for what we have or who we are. It’s totally fine to feel restless and want positive change, but don’t let negative self-talk and comparison make you ungrateful. When I can turn my mind to gratitude and truth, everything changes. investire inopzioni As women many of us are too quick to judge ourselves, criticizing our faults and often ignoring the wonderful qualities we posses. Do you have moments of ‘self-pity’, ‘comparison’ or lack of ‘self-belief’ and is there a practice you do to empower yourself in moving forward to rise above this?

Answered above : )

binära optioner strategi What does self-kindness mean to you and how do you show yourself a little nugget of love in those moments you need it most?

Taking care of myself used to be more about self-indulgence for me. The comfort that came from a massage now and then, or shopping was so temporary. There’s nothing wrong with either of those things in and of themselves, but what we need most can’t be filled by anything we can see with our eyes. Nowadays, self-care means something entirely different and it’s been far more lasting. For me, being still and having a time of solitude really helps me remember that I am deeply loved and I am enough. I might sit and just take a few deep breaths, get outside, lie on the floor of Grace’s room while she reads a book, or read the Bible that’s always open on our kitchen island. Fighting the many thoughts that swirl through my head and getting right to the core of what matters in my head, that makes me feel wrapped in love.

bester broker für binäre optionen You are very admirable in all you have achieved and the lifestyle you continue to live today. What advice do you have for women who dream of running their own business doing what they love, yet are experiencing fear and self-doubt?

You were created for a unique purpose and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll fulfill that purpose just thinking about it. The advice I would have given myself ten years ago is to focus on what matters (where do you want to be when you’re 80?) and then do something about it. Life is too short and too valuable to not use every moment to love others deeply.

binära optioner bra What is one thing we don’t know about you?

I really wish my neighborhood would let me have chickens : )

linea de tendencia opciones binarias What awesome things can we expect to see from you in the future? What are you excited about?

I am excited about using the 2015 PowerSheets, a goal-setting system I developed three years ago that has helped me tremendously! I am also excited about the release of my book on December 30th and turning 35 this year. I was afraid of that age milestone, but I am choosing to celebrate the fact that I’ve been given these 35 years!


Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 4.49.01 pmI’m Lara. I’m Grace’s mom, Ari’s wife, a friend, a daughter and a believer in the “impossible.” I publish a magazine that I created from the ground up with no formal training, just a ton of passion and a big idea. I am the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Southern Weddings. I am passionate about relationships, mentoring, faith, my family, pushing my limits and helping people transform themselves. I founded the Making Things Happen movement based on all of these things. My mission is to help others find their cores – what makes them really come alive – and use all of their gifts for the ultimate mission… love. I love my church, the women I work with, exploring local farms and living in Chapel Hill, NC!

fifty two women round pics_150x150pix_Lara Casey analisi fondamentale nelle opzioni binarie Connect with Lara

Southern Wedding Magazine


LC_Shop_2014-526_B* I love, love, LOVE Lara’s Powersheets! Get your hot little hands on these for 2015 – they are my go to guide for goal setting. Check them out here: Powersheets – D xo

She has also just released her book, Make It Happen: surrender your fear, take the leap, live on purpose! Amen. 


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