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Fifty Two Women No. 27 | Bec Caines

sono sicure le opzioni binarie Bec is one of those women who when you meet you just instantly adore. A fellow personal development junkie she is founder of The Daily Guru – a platform showcasing the best experts, information and insights into all things personal development. I love her responses to this interview; the importance of sacrifice when walking the path to your purpose and why having a support network around you is vital. So many great nuggets of wisdom to take in and then implement into your own life.

binaire opties vergunning opzioni binarie fineco opinioni You are such an inspiration for womenin all you have achievedin your business. Was there a time when you didn’t feel so confident in what you were doing and why?

Buy Tadalafil Oral Strips USA Thank you Debbie. Yes you are right, there are always challenging times when you put yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to grow and achieve new/different things in life. I think the most confusing time for me was when I was trying to decide what it was I wanted to do. I decided I wanted to create on a personal project in the well being industry- but had no idea what that project would look like, nor what I wanted todo? This feeling of uncertainty and feeling lost lasted 6/8month and wasn’t very pleasant. However (as cheesy as it may sound…) looking back, I realize that each step I took to progress with exploring ideas for my ‘passion project’,truly did bring me closer to creating The Daily Guru. Sometimes you have to discover what you don’t like- in order to discover what you do. My most important piece of advice to anyone who finds his or herself in this position– is to not judge yourself or feel bad. Sometimes it can takea while to figure out what really reflects your passions and resonates with you.

binäre optionen broker werden opcje binarne bdswiss Was there a defining moment when you decided to launch your business or did this develop and evolve over time?

I would say it developed over time. Once I had decided what my project was going to look like- I then had a lot to learn about setting up a company. That is the thing about business- just when you get over one hurdle, there is always something waiting the other side for you to get your teeth into and begin learning again. I guess that’s all part of the fun!

Tastylia Strips 20mg Tadalafil Ghevarsha International Legal Supplier Living our passion – even one which stems from our truest hearts desires – can be daunting. What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your mindset in order to live the life of your dreams?

Realizing that you have to make sacrifices when starting out in business & even though they are all your choice- it does not mean it’s fully what you want. For example – I hugely value balance in my life; having down time to relax, be with friends & loved ones, exercising, watching movies, reading books etc. Yet starting your own business requires significant effort and energy, whichhas interfered with many of these for a short while. My experience has been that it is not possible to honor my preferred lifestyle including an ample amount of personal time, as well as achieving my desired business success. Instead, Ihave had to make a fewshort-term sacrifices in my personal life for the long-term success of my business. This has personally been very difficult for me. I do still find time for the important things like my health, friends and family- but just not as much as I’d like right now.

forex signals free Where do you source your inspiration?

The personal development industry is absolutely oozing with inspiring people, stories, content and imagery. You do not have to look too far before you discover a story which engagesyou, an article which captures you, or a video which educates you. I adore all things Personal Development – so seeking inspiration is a regular part of my routine and (I’d say) a wonderful ritual for personal motivation.

strategia opcje binarne forum We all have those days where we just want to crawl under a rock and hide and whether this is due to things not going well or not feeling our best. Fleeting as they may be, how do you move through moments like these?

When things become tough and challenging with business, I remind myself that I have chosen this path. When I reflect that no matter how tough things can seem – this has been a choice I have made, because I believe in creating something bigger than the obstacle in front of me. This always seems to allow me to take a deep breath and put things into perspective. I’d also say –connecting with a good friend who knows you inside and out,and can offer some well-neededadvice to get you back on track! This really helps me.

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Online No Prescription Life can be overwhelming in our attempts to juggle work, nurture relationships, take time out for ourselves, tend to our families and everything else in between. What do you do when you begin to feel completely overwhelmed?

I have a few rituals I go through when things get too much and these include; seeing my Kinesiologist to help clear any challenging emotions which may be taking up residency in my body and mind. I increase my yoga/mediation practice, as well as allowing myself a tiny bit more down time than usual –to enjoy time with friends, family and relax a little. This normally brings be back to a place of stability and clarity- to then restart my projects with a new energy.

brussels gay dating Mental chatter is one thing my readers share they struggle with on a daily basis. What is your process in overcoming your own negative self-talk?

I wouldn’t say I have fully mastered this to be honest- however I am always in practice to decrease my internal chit-chatter. Mediation is obviously a wonderful process to become more mindful. Equally, I found The Desire Map by Danielle La Porte also hugely helpful. Getting clear on what emotions I want to achieve each day and my intention behind it,has meant that I am more likely to achieve what I would like to and feel congruent– which therefore helps silence my inner critic. Gaining clarity on my desired emotions – instead of just being goal orientated has been a real game changer for me!

super alerts trader binaries molina As women many of us are too quick to judge ourselves, criticizing our faults and often ignoring the wonderful qualities we posses. Do you have moments of ‘self-pity’, ‘comparison’ or lack of ‘self-belief’ and is there a practice you do to empower yourself in moving forward to rise above this?

Generally,I’m a pretty positive and self-motivated individual- however, you’re right, we do all have our moments. Two years ago, I found myself with a bad case of comparison-itis. This was quite an unusual emotion for me to feel- and I couldn’t understand why I suddenly felt so bad about myself. After some self-reflection and work with my coach, I realized my inner critic was showing itself, as I had become lost on my own path. My day-to-day life was generally good- therefore I had not noticed that my routines no longer honored my values or aspirations. I was merely going through the motions. My lack of vision and drive had meant I was now looking at others thinking they seemed to have everything together. But what it was actually telling me was that I didn’t! Once I realized what was behind my comparison-itis, I began the steps I needed to get back on track. corredor de opciones binarias What does self-kindness mean to you and how do you show yourself a little nugget of love in those moments you need it most?

Self–kindness to me means, enjoying some of the things that make me feel nourished, peaceful, happy and indulged. These include things likegoing for a massage, enjoying my favourite Yin class, spending quality time with people I care about, taking a long bath, going to bed early with a good book, going for a beach walk, and relaxing on the couch with my partner cuddled up under a blanket (this is usually top of the list!)

opcje binarne programy You are very admirable in all you have achieved andthe lifestyle you continue to live today. What advice do you have for women who dream of running their own business doing what they love, yet are experiencing fear and self-doubt?

My advice would be – if you don’t already have a peer group who you can reach out to during challenging/confusing times, then make sure you go out and find some fabulous people who can become your go-to-girls/guys. My friends and partner have been the biggest support during this journey for me. It really is so wonderful to be able to trouble shoot ideas for each others businesses and also be each others cheer squad when the inner critic begins to show up!We are capable of achieving what we want on our own, but the journey is much more enjoyable when you have friends joining you along the way.

Viagra för män billigt What is one thing we don’t know about you?

I am obsessed with French Bulldogs- love them to pieces!

price action trading system mack What awesome things can we expect to see from youin the future? What are you excited about?

There is SOO much on the horizon for The Daily Guru – I am literally bursting with excitement! 2014 has been a year of launching our wonderful online publication and then getting to know our incredible tribe. Therefore 2015 is going to be about sharing& introducing new and exciting opportunities for people to access all the incredible tools& services our industry has to offer and to exceed our tribes growth ambitions.


LOGO_ICON_CORAL_120pxBec Caines is the Editor & Founder of a brand new online publication called The Daily Guru. This is one talented lady- with over 10 years’ experience in international Event Management, as well as being a Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Wellbeing enthusiast, Body Language fanatic and above all, wonderfully passionate about helping people surprise themselves.

Bec believes there is no greater gift than helping someone discover their hidden talents – the ones that make them unique and exceptional. She loves the experience of sharing knowledge and information with people that allows them to make different decisions for themselves, as well as helping them improve their overall life experience.

Bec recognizes how much we all need a helping hand to overcome obstacles and to decide what it is we actually want from life. Through The Daily Guru, Bec is working hard to share that philosophy with her community. Working with some of the most inspiring Gurus in the industry – she wants to encourage women from all around the world- to be brave, grow, seek more information, embrace new ideas and ultimately help create the life that they deserve.

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