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Fifty Two Women No. 24 | Charlie de Haas

read the article Charlie de Haas is one phenomenal woman! Not only is she one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met, I have watched her take an idea and concept and turn it into a powerhouse. Her Clean Treats product and ‘Charlie’s Balls’ brand are taking Sydney by storm and her vision for her empire is so admirable! This is one feature you will want to read. I love Charlie’s approach to life and I am so excited to share her techniques on how she manages herself. Once again she has demonstrated the power of The Fifty Two Women Project by sharing her vulnerabilities which many of us just don’t see behind what we perceive as a very successful women. I hope this feature inspires you to realise we are all the same and it’s simply how we choose to show up that makes the difference in who we are and our life circumstances.

redirected here software trading demo You are such an inspiration for women in all you have achieved in your business. Was there a time when you didn’t feel so confident in what you were doing and why?

generic Seroquel online Yes, there are many occasions when I feel doubt or unsure. I think this is the pure beauty of life and business and things will always happen that will make you question yourself, your decisions, and your goals. What’s important is to create your own Self-love tools to provide the right answers and cultivate a sense of self trust.

wikipedia reference If something rocks my world, perhaps something didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, I now know to revisit my core beliefs, why I’m doing what I am doing, and trust that what is right for me will be.

forex visa kort reseförsäkring Was there a defining moment when you decided to launch your business or did this develop and evolve over time?

I have been involved in health and wellness for the past ten years, always working for other people and changing constantly, I was always looking for more.

I then had a dream of inspiring people, of creating change in the world and started to research ways I could do this on my own. I then took the risk (self-employment), put everything I had into it, and created a deep core belief that I could do anything, and did it.

köp Viagra med faktura Living our passion – even one which stems from our truest hearts desires – can be daunting. What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your mindset in order to live the life of your dreams?

Some people may not know, but I am very open about it, I suffer depression and BPD. I have a core belief that I will never be good enough (something I am in the process of working on). These have definitely held me back at times, yet I am also thankful for them. We each have our own story to tell, our own trials and tribulations, and it’s when you can accept them, realize them and create healthy habits to overcome them, that’s when you can truly fall in love with yourself and your life. Because there will always be the good and the bad, you will always have strengths and weaknesses. It’s about self-acceptance.

try this site Where do you source your inspiration?

From the world around me.I’ve learnt to see beauty in the smallest of things, waking up with the sunrise, seeing people smile, the way flowers blossom… (I am quite a hopeless romantic).
I believe that an attitude of gratitude is the key to happiness. Be grateful with all that you have right now in this moment rather than focusing on what you don’t have (so many of us think, when I get the beautiful house, husband, body then I’ll be happy). Just be happy now.
As I have cultivated change in my life, I have been incredibly lucky, and I’m so so thankful, to have more than amazing people (like yourself) come into my world. This fills my heart with love, and inspires me to be more.

simulation binäre optionen vergangenheit We all have those days where we just want to crawl under a rock and hide and whether this is due to things not going well or not feeling our best. Fleeting as they may be, how do you move through moments like these?

I used to have a lot of them. Now when they occur I simply stop and take some time out. I find some time to ask myself what is going on, where is this coming from, and generally it’s because I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in the ‘want/need’ more thoughts; envy, competitive and jealousy emotions. After years of suffering depression, I’ve created healthy habits, such as an SOS song (don’t laugh, Mariah Carey HERO) to reach out for when I’m feeling low. Sometimes it might be half an hour in bed to feel the emotion I’m feelingand then let it go. You’ve got to look within yourself. Find what works for you.

beställning Viagra Life can be overwhelming in our attempts to juggle work, nurture relationships, take time out for ourselves, tend to our families and everything else in between. What do you do when you begin to feel completely overwhelmed?

Take time to be still. Just breathe.

I have a Self-love date every week with myself. This is not negotiable. I am the CEO of my life and I need to make sure that I have a reflection meeting.

In moments of anxiety or stress, or when my ‘I’m not good enough’ belief starts to occur, I try to actively change my thoughts to all the wonderful things that have happened and all that I am grateful for.

If I’m feeling unloved, I give more love (an “I love you” message or call to my beautiful support system/friends & family). Mental chatter is one thing my readers share they struggle with on a daily basis. What is your process in overcoming your own negative self-talk?

I try to actively focus on the good. What we focus on grows. Notice if it’s a negative thought pattern that’s playing on repeat and try to find out where it is coming from. I am an over thinker, I over analyze everything, so I have to try and step back and say ok, that’s anger, sadness, loneliness. That’s ok. And let it go. Emotions are just emotions, stemmed from our thoughts, so if you feel these not so good emotions, look to where they are coming from.

Self-love practice every day also helps (eating healthy, exercise, reading positive affirmations). I also create a mantra for different times in my life. I have used ‘Respond, don’t react’, ‘Everything will always be ok’, and currently ‘Everything is in control’ (because sometimes when you’re running your own business everything can feel anything but in control).

source site As women many of us are too quick to judge ourselves, criticising our faults and often ignoring the wonderful qualities we possess. Do you have moments of ‘self-pity’, ‘comparison’ or lack of ‘self-belief’ and is there a practice you do to empower yourself in moving forward to rise above this?

Of course. Particularly when I’m tired I can feel that everything is just too much.

Comparison really is the thief of all joy, but it happens all the time. When this happens, I have to actively step back and stop. Breathe and think of all the wonderful things in my life and all that I have done.

I write in my journal, to express the emotions I am feeling, thoughts I’m thinking, to get it out of my head. Most of the time we build mountains out of absolutely nothing and create physiological responses which then lead to acts of self-sabotage; procrastination, negative self-talk, poor eating etc. I find writing gets me out of my own head.

why not look here What does self-kindness mean to you and how do you show yourself a little nugget of love in those moments you need it most?

It means everything. When you are truly ok with who you are, and your life in this moment, then you can begin to live. When you remove ego, vanity and comparison you can treat other people with respect, love, kindness, and lift them higher. My business belief is ‘you can have everything you ever wanted, but first you must help others get what they want’ Zig ziglar quote.

Self-love is the beginning of all great love, of living your best life. This is why my Self-love date is nonnegotiable. You are very admirable in all you have achieved and the lifestyle you continue to live today. What advice do you have for women who dream of running their own business doing what they love, yet are experiencing fear and self-doubt?

Just do it. Honestly, sometimes the more you over think things, over analyse (as woman we love to do this), the more you’ll just talk yourself out of it, or worse… ‘One day I’ll do it’. Why one day?Why not today? Check in with yourself and find out what makes you happy. If it makes you happy, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

Don’t be scared to take a risk. I’ve failed many times, but have I really failed? No, I’ve made mistakes that are only opportunities to learn from, because I will never quit. AndI’ll continue to make mistakes and that’s ok.

It will be hard, no doubt, but nothing worth having ever comes easy. There will be moments when you feel you heart, body and mind connected, filled with love, passion and on purpose and these will make it all worth it.

It’s been nearly a year of working for myself, it has been the toughest, yet most rewarding, happiest year of my life. What is one thing we don’t know about you?
I am a farm girl at heart. I love nature. I can’t wait to have my own garden & grow delicious goodies.

like it What awesome things can we expect to see from you in the future? What are you excited about?

Everything. I used to try plan everything, now I live more in the moment. However, I have BIG dreams for Clean Treats (so excited it keeps me awake at night! It goes a little something like this; Charlie and the Clean Treats Factory), which in turn will lead me to more speaking events to inspire others and grow a community of happiness and health.
I’m about to become a Pilates instructor (just for something different) and hope to take my Yoga teacher training in the Himalayas next year.


Charlie de Haas is a Wellness coach, business consultant, author, and speaker based in Sydney. She recently released her first book “Livea Life You Love (A Guide to Living Your Life Well)” that speaks to all that are struggling with the daily demands of life. Her dream is to inspire, to give love, and to create a better world, free from negativity and self-hatred.

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