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Fifty Two Women No. 21 | Larina Robinson

dating websites military free Larina Robinson is a firm believer in the link between what we eat and our moods, as well as the anti-ageing, healing properties of food and nature. She uses this passion along with her keen sense of entrepreneurship to stay focused on not only her business, but on keeping her mind and soul healthy. In the next few months, she will be releasing her wholefoods program, so keep an eye out for exciting things from Larina Robinson! deutsche broker für binäre optionen andamento valute opzioni binarie You are such an inspiration for women in all you have achieved in your business The Body Dietetics. Was there a time when you didn’t feel so confident in what you were doing and why?

traden mit binären optionen Oh thank you! Absolutely, I have always had a tendency to go against the norm and do things differently so I am always faced with feelings of uncertainty and that little voice saying ‘you can’t do this’. I put it down to my perfectionist streak. But my determination to do what I believe in always somehow overrides it.

forex mäklare flashback Was there a defining moment when you decided to launch your business or did this develop and evolve over time? Please expand.

In my second year at university studying nutrition and dietetics. I knew I wanted to have my own business, but I wasn’t sure how it would evolve. I thought of a name and it stuck, and then brainstormed my plan of attack for the remainder of the degree! I had completed a bachelor of business previously and found entrepreneurship extremely interesting and something I thought I’d be good at. It still blows my mind that here I am today making it happen!

Tom tragett forex trade alert Living our passion – even one which stems from our truest hearts desires – can be daunting. What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your mindset in order to live the life of your dreams?

Definitely! For me it was the ‘I can’t do this’ catchphrase. It comes back every now and then but I’ll take a realistic look at what I’ve achieved already through my business, and show myself me that it’s just a bunch of bull, and I totally can do it! A pep talk from my partner or family always helps too!

renko charts binary options Where do you source your inspiration?

Oh gosh, I get inspiration from lots of places – Family, friends, strangers, business owners, nature, the hustle and bustle of the city, trips away, and the little things in life.

opciones binarias panama We all have those days where we just want to crawl under a rock and hide and whether this is due to things not going well or not feeling our best. Fleeting as they may be, how do you move through moments like these?

Haha to be honest, if I haven’t got a pressing deadline looming, I’ll make sure I take the morning or afternoon easy; step away from work and do something I enjoy that helps to refocus my view on life. This could be as simple as sleeping in, going to the park, spending the day with my partner, or watching some trashy tv. I can be very much a work-a-holic!

kanal forex Life can be overwhelming in our attempts to juggle work, nurture relationships, take time out for ourselves, tend to our families and everything else in between. What do you do when you begin to feel completely overwhelmed?

I am truly blessed for this, but nothing compares to a pep talk from my mother. She is a major source of inspiration and support for me. If everything feels too much, I’ll give her a call and she always makes me see things differently. If a call isn’t an option, then I’ll head to the gym for a boost of endorphins and stress relief.

demo trading binario Mental chatter is one thing my readers share they struggle with on a daily basis. What is your process in overcoming your own negative self-talk?

A different perspective works well for me. I often find that if I view my situation from someone else’s perspective it helps me to realize how silly that voice in my head is being and I can then use rational thinking to help move past it. If that doesn’t work, I look at the bigger picture. Often my chatter focuses on the smallest things and blows it out of proportion – so taking time to be grateful for what I have and focusing on the positives of my life helps.

style=\\\\\' As women many of us are too quick to judge ourselves, criticizing our faults and often ignoring the wonderful qualities we posses. Do you have moments of ‘self-pity’, ‘comparison’ or lack of ‘self-belief’ and is there a practice you do to empower yourself in moving forward to rise above this?

I sure do. Reminding myself that we are all equal in the fact that when it comes down to it, we are all human. We all have the same basic needs. If I am jealous of someone (comparing myself and saying I can’t do that), to me it’s a good indicator of where I want to be in my life – so I use that to fuel my fire to work harder to achieve it for myself. I always strip things back to my underlying desire to achieve things – ultimately if I want it bad enough, my determination overrides my fear. If I’m not that interested, then it didn’t really matter anyway and there was no reason to be jealous of something that I didn’t really want, or want to achieve anyway.

binär option avanza What does self-kindness mean to you and how do you show yourself a little nugget of love in those moments you need it most?

Taking time out when I need it. Sleeping in that little bit extra if I am exhausted. Going to the gym to move my body if I feel stiff and knotted up from being at my desk all day. Nourishing my body with healthy foods – lots of vegetables, and fruit to ensure I am giving myself the nutrients I need. Self-love to me is not grand gestures; it’s the little things you do each day just for yourself that keep your soul happy.

ce este binary options You are very admirable in all you have achieved and the lifestyle you continue to live today. What advice do you have for women who dream of running their own business doing what they love, yet are experiencing fear and self-doubt?

If it’s something that you want to achieve, and you have that fire burning inside of you that excites you and terrifies you at the same time knowing that you could achieve your goal if you just tried – then you just have to go for it. You’ll have the fear, the self-doubt and the comparisons. It’s a natural part of life. Being an entrepreneur is like riding a rollercoaster with good and bad days, and emotions high and low. If despite all of that, you believe you’ll still love what you do, then don’t let anything stop you. Your determination to succeed will override those self-doubt and fear moments.

binary options strategy advisor What is one thing we don’t know about you?

I love hanging out with my grandma’s when I go home to visit.

Buy Tastylia 20 mg What awesome things can we expect to see from Larina Robinson in the future?

In the next few months I will be releasing my highly anticipated wholefood programs!They will be a selection of guides to alternative diets including a balanced meal plan to help transition individuals into a different dietary pattern – paleo, low FODMAP, vegan and general wholefood healthy eating. Plus I am actually working on a very exciting project launching early next year. I am always looking at ways I can make healthy eating more accessible, but for now, I can’t say much more…stay tuned!


Larina is a wholefoods dietitian who strongly believes in individualized healthy eating. Having food intolerances herself, she knows the difficulties when eating out, ordering in, travelling to new places, and the frustrations of a eating a diet that simply doesn’t work for your body. Everyone deserves to feel energized, vibrant and full of life. When we nourish our body with the right foods to suit our needs, we can conquer our goals and truly enjoy being who we are.  Larina is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist with a passion for guiding individuals to their optimal health and well being through wholefoods. Her passions are paleo, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance and coeliac disease, FODMAPs and fructose intolerance. She is a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia, and graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics with First Class Honours. She has worked on The Biggest Loser online weight loss study and has regularly contributed to Healthy Food Guide Magazine for more than three years. She is also an authorized Nutrigenomix provider, allowing you to take nutrition to the next level by eating according to your genetic profile. Larina regularly contributes to a variety of magazines, is the Wholefood Dietitian Expert for Sporteluxe, and regularly shares a host of health tips, recipes, and myth-busters on her blog In 2013, Larina launched her first cookbook, Wholefood entertaining with more than 30 gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipes and plenty of nutrition tips and information. 

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