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Detox Your Mind TV

How To Increase Your Self-Belief Immediately

Is there an area of your life where you feel stuck in fear and self-doubt? Perhaps you desire to move forward in your business, career, finances or health yet it’s just not happening. Many times we feel stuck or fail to progress because of…

Detox Your Mind TV

Free Yourself From Envy, Jealousy & Comparison!

Have you ever look at another woman’s life, business, body, success or boyfriend and thought to yourself…why can’t I have that? Are you guilty of comparing yourself and your life to someone else and end up feeling worse about yourself? Envy, jealousy and comparison.…

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Guided Deep Breathing Meditation

Recently I teamed up with Women’s Fitness Magazine to film a Guided Deep Breathing Meditation for their readers and now I have this to share with you! Make this guided breathing meditation part of your regular morning or evening routine or simply do on…

Detox Your Mind TV

Manage Negative Conversations (And People!)

Are you surrounded by Negative Nelly’s? Whether it’s judgements, drama, assumptions or just outright gossip – it doesn’t feel good! A client of mine recently sent an email with a very common question ‘How do I avoid conversations that revolve around events and people…