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look at this site Natalie and I loved sharing this call together. Here are the action steps for you to reflect upon and implement into your business. Take consistent, inspired and purposeful action and you WILL achieve your business dreams. With love,

right here Debbie

try this out Business Strategy + Coaching Call - Action Steps

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look here 1. Life Synchronicity

Reflect on the moments in your life where time stopped. You know you felt you needed to pay attention to what happened and why this was important to you. Perhaps it was when you felt most alive and inpsired or a moment like Natalie's where you got goosebumps.

  • What are the similarities between these moments? These are the clues that lead you to your destiny.

see here now 2. Where are you comparing yourself to others?

discover this

Take a moment to recognise what specifically you desire in their business or life and re- frame within your mind. Know that what you 'desire' is that to which you 'aspire' - that potential is inside of you too!

  • Instead of saying 'why can't I have that' shift your self-talk to 'How can I get those results too?' and go about making it happen. Focus on your own path and trust yourself. Your inner genius will guide YOU towards the life YOU are designed to live....not someone else's.

valuta tjeckien forex 3. Do you have a Fear of Success or a Fear of Failure?

  • Make a list of where you feel you are sabotaging yourself in your own business? Identify these behaviours and consciously work at shifting them to create different results. Your inner game is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in your business success! You can have all the strategy, information and ideas you desire yet if you don't believe on some level you can make it happen, that you are worthy of success or success negatively will impact your will sabotage your efforts. {This is why I am so excited to combine my program as a bonus with Natalie's Conquer Club incubator!}

buy cytotec 100 mcg in Stockton California 4. Tools that you can use yourself to work through inner blocks:

i thought about this EFT (emotional freedom technique) is a great practice which you can do yourself. Here are some resources to get you started:

  • Visit YouTube and search for 'EFT for money blocks' or 'EFT for success blocks' - there are many videos to follow.
  • Visit
  • Visit (and get the book) The Tapping Solution. A great introduction to the power of EFT.

hop over to this site Cord Cutting Meditation as Natalie perfectly demonstrated - use this technique whenever you need to let go or detach from a negative event, person or situation.

* Remember; your energy and mindset (i.e the way you approach every area of your business) needs to remain high in the service of love, generosity, compassion and value. If you are stuck in scarcity, fear or comparison your negative energy will block your success.

binära optioner diagram 5. Start up Secrets (first 1-2 years of business)

  • Are you treating your business like a hobby? Are you half in/ half out - playing small out of fear? It's time to step up and be 'all in' as Natalie puts it. You must believe in your purpose and mission so much that you are willing to give it all you have got. If you are juggling a job (which is perfect as it sustains you financially to invest in your business) you will need to dedicate time outside of work hours to grow your business. No excuses!

* When I first started I worked 7 days a week, 15 hours a day for 3 years (I woudn't recommend it but that is what it took for me). I was running two businesses yet I wanted my coaching business to overtake the revenue of my director's fee at my other business, a marketing + social media agency so I had to put in the effort. Are you willing to do what it takes -there are no shortcuts to a successful business empire!

  • Get help! Starting a business does take some monetary investment - website + branding, consistent lead generation/ marketing, a mentor/coach and a team - trying to do this without these resources is a hard, hard slog. Hire a VA on for just a few hours a week or month and outsource the repetitive administrative tasks (such as blog/ video uploads or social media) to free up your time to focus on what you do best - driving business and revenue with your skills and talents!
  • Use Asana to schedule all of your tasks as well as outsourcing to your VA. It's totally free!
  • For one week write down every task that you are doing and how long it takes you. What are the repetitive tasks you could outsource? Who do you need to hire in the next 30 days to gain that support. It will hold you accountable and completely shift your mindset to a CEO not a hobby business.
  • Avoid allowing yourself to be 'busy being busy' - otherwise you have bought yourself a 'job'. You need to become the CEO of your own business where you utilise your skills and talents to do only the things which you LOVE - then outsource the rest. This is how you grow, leverage and maintain energy. 6. Creating a valuable Opt In

The Opt In offer is the free offering you give away in exchange for someone's email address when they land on your website. It's designed for you to build the 'know me, like me, trust me' factor or in other words to begin the nurturing process allowing them to know you and your business. Your Opt In Offer needs to be some of your best work - after all, it's the first impression a potential customer has to your work.

  • Nurture your new sign up with more than just one PDF download (i.e. ebook) - engage people in different ways and add loads of value!
  • Offer a variety of touch points to speak to different learning styles; such as video, audio and pdf downloads. A free e-course is a great offering.
  • Pop Up Domination is a
  • If you don't have Google Analytics set up on your website - do so immediately! Then monitor monthly - your opt in conversion is number of unique visits / number of email opt ins. It should be between 2% - 10%. So with 1000 visits you want to be capturing 20 - 100 emails into your list per month.

* if your Opt In offer is not converting then look at updating this to increase your subscribers. Compare your Google Analytics with your List Opt In's (use excel to track)

webpage 7. Do Guest Posts

Guest Posting is an incredible way to build your list, fast.

  • Find the online media (i.e Huffington Post) that is relevant to your message/industry and pitch an article once per month.
  • Create a Twitter list of editors/media and engage with them regularly. Retweet and Favourite their tweets to become 'top of mind' so when your email request lands in their inbox they recognise your name.

8. 6-Figure Leverage - for those ready to up-level (3-5 years of business)

  • Create the mindset shift you need from hobby to pro - read Steven Pressfield's Book - Turning Pro
  • Track your financials weekly! This is a must. You need to know your money situation at all times.
  • Use Xero or MYOB to track your business accounts - work with an accountant to ensure you set it up correctly to make tax time ease.
  • To go from $100k to 1 million takes systems and scaling.
  • Systems: Move from Mailchimp to something like Infusionsoft to automate many of your online emails, autoresponders and sales funnels. Hire someone to set this up - you don't need to master everything.
  • Scale: Create your Product Pyramid by packaging up what you know and sell into low to high tier products and programs. Take your customer through a journey from the free opt in all the way through your programs right up to 1:1 time with you as your highest offering. This is how you leverage your time whilst increasing your revenue dramatically.
  • To reach 1 million in revenue - create up to 7 Revenue Streams such as a book (kindle), audio series, online courses, speaking, group coaching, new physical product lines, live events/workshops, retreats - think outside the box!

* I use Scrivener to keep all of my ideas, skills, client sessions and tools. Now, after using this for a year to document my work, I have a library full of client problems, client desires and solutions that I have used to create results. This proven and successful information I am now turning into valuable online offerings. This process, for me, has taken the guess work out of what I 'think' women need to what I 'know' works and is making the transition from 1:1 to 1 to many (online) much more seamless.

9. The mistakes of Marketing

  • Marketing is seen as one of those things you will do later when you have more finances - but in fact you must start marketing your business immediately. There are many marketing strategies (both free and paid) which you could use and Natalie covers this in depth in The Conquer Club.
  • Marketing is the difference between a profitable abundant business and no business at all - you can be the best in the world but if no-one knows about you or you are unable to communicate, in the right way, the value you provide - the money won't be there. Begin immediately!
  • Ensure your marketing 'feels' good to you and your message is aligned to how you want to communicate your brand.
  • Build 'systems' into every part of your business, such as: opt in's and autoresponder sequences set up to nurture customers automatically - then when you put something out to sell you are more likely for your prospects to buy.
  • Segmenting your database is key. Different people are attracted to different messages/products/services. This is a 'system' that needs to be set up from day one to enhance your customer experience and reduce unsubscribes.

If this conversation really resonated with you and you are ready to become the CEO (the eagle) in your business this year - then I recommend you say 'yes' to yourself and invest in your business.

I worked with Natalie all last year and I can truthfully say from the bottom of my heart she is the most phenomenal coach I have worked with. Her world first '12 month incubator' for entrepreneurs is exactly what I wish I had these past 5 years. The only reason I am not right there alongside you in The Conquer Club is because I am having a baby and taking 6 months off - but without Natalie's strategic business advice about how I could set up systems, create product offerings, high level marketing strategies and financial advice - I wouldn't be able to take 6 months off to dedicate to my new little family.

All I can say is that if you are ready to really step it up this year and:

  • Create more time and scale your revenue dramatically to 6 figures or multiple 6 figures (without working any harder).
  • Move from a hobby business to a professional business (yes, going pro!)
  • Learn how to create back end systems in your marketing that automate your business so you don't have to be chained to your laptop 12 hours a day.

{Gosh, this is just the tip of what you will gain from her mentorship}

Then check out The Conquer Club.


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