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The Biggest Block I Have Come Up Against Yet

investire in borsa pdf Over the past few weeks I have been blessed with incredible opportunities coming my way.

binaire opties zondag As life begins to transform into the exact plan I wrote in my journal 5 years ago (never underestimate the power of vision my friends) you would think I would embrace this reality with wide open arms and the exhilaration of a kid in the front seat of a roller coaster.

Buy Tadalafil Oral Strips USA www anyoption com appsflyerandroid pid Instead I came up against a wall of resistance.

buy Priligy 150 mg in Durham North Carolina My heart was telling me this is what I wanted but my body was sharing a different story.

Even my head was trying to convince my body, which is unusual. Usually my inner mean girl is the first to butt in telling me I can’t do this or will never do that. This time I had control of my head and my heart….just not my body.

The resistance felt like a huge wall around my heart. A heavy block of pressure surrounding my chest which prevented me from even thinking about moving forward. It was completely paralyzing.

forex höganäs The kind of feeling that made me want to crawl under the blanket and nest nicely in my comfort zone and remain there for life.

After the initial curiosity and a few tears of frustration it became almost laughable because it was so strong. I knew it was simply an internal belief from childhood and I became determined to break through. This new way of looking at it didn’t reduce the pressure nor transform the resistance it simply allowed me to recognise I am not my blocks, limitations or fears.

When I usually come up against my inner blocks I take a deep breath and dive right in to dig up the dirt on my past to discover where it all began…

And so that was exactly what I did.

Through my own process I gave this feeling a voice to discover what the resistance was really about…

binäre optionen handeln mit system It’s not OK to get paid to do what I love.

binaire opties belasting Work should be hard.

Viagra på nätet säkert Life is a struggle

opzioni binarie e bande di bollinger (yep, my old frenemy showed up again!)


Even after years and years of shedding, releasing, transforming perceptions and letting go of old beliefs. There is always more….

I knew this baby had to bust out of my soul before I could bust a moves towards my destiny. So I got on the phone to my coach and shared what I was feeling.

Of course. I was aware of exactly where it came from. Childhood.

AND I knew from whom. Mum and Dad (bless them. It wasn’t their fault)

But I couldn’t see the exact root-cause myself.

binära optioner analyser This is why I believe we all need a coach as we are unable to see our own blocks.

Beliefs are hidden truths and realities that exist within our own sub-conscious minds and most of the time we need someone to feed back what we are feeling in order for us to dig up the root-cause.

Out of the depths of my mind came a series of memories. I knew of the struggle my parents had yet I never really understood how deeply it affected me.

When we lived on the farm Mum and Dad’s business went bankrupt due to circumstances completely out of their control. Dad would be out the door before sunrise and wouldn’t come home until sunset. We never really had enough and there were things we couldn’t do because of limited finances.

They worked so hard for very little.

Yet at such a tender young age I didn’t recognise the reality of the situation and instead came to some conclusions about life and business…

binary option breakthrough.ex4 The conclusion I came to was that life is tough and running your own business is a struggle!

After all that was the reality I knew though the developing years of my life (0-6 years old is imprint stage where we take in the world around us as truth).

So now I was bumping up against a new reality of ease, abundance, purpose and joy.

strategie in opzioni binarie Hello resistance!

If I succeed in life then I will go against my family system. This is not OK.

migliori broker per opzioni binarie 2017 I need to struggle just like Mum and Dad. iqoption mail Because that’s is what life is like, right? An uphill struggle.

ersättningsmedicin för viagra This is what running your own business is all about, yes? Working hard for very little.

Hell no!

Thankfully we broke through. Now when I think of moving forward I still feel a little fear (mixed with excitement)…..

binary option robot crack {Comfort Zone 101} This type of fear is awesome because you are stretching and expanding outside of your comfort zone of mediocrity.

….yet there is no resistance or paralysing block holding me back. Amen!

Our belief systems (a.k.a. the perceived truths we picked up from our childhood) drive our thoughts, actions and behaviours. Until we get to the root-cause of why we operate the way we do…many of us never break free to live the life we dream of.

These blocks show up as self-sabotage, resistance, fear, doubt and negative self-talk.

Take the time to do the inner work to dissolve your internal blocks so you can live the abundant life you were born to live. It’s so worth it.

With love,

DS xx


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