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Being Authentic In Your Business | Part 1

you can try these out Starting a coaching business is an empowering concept. Being free to do what inspires your soul and lights you up is one of the most authentic acts we can do for ourselves. Extra resources It can also be a terrifying journey.

binary options free robot I have always said launching a business is the best personal development course you can do. Revealing all of your fears, exposing your vulnerability and creating situations that hit every one of your wounds – there are many times you need to take ownership of your ‘stuff’ in order to grow more authentically into who you are destined to become. When running a heart-centered coaching business where you share a message you are passionate about you will wrestle with rejection, bump up against self-doubt (numerous times), try and fail, try again and fail even more…. Yet between all of this there are countless moments of pure inspiration, joy, awe and wonder sparked by a deep fire in your belly and a pull from your tender heart to make a difference in the lives of others. I truly believe the only way you can be authentic in a heart-centered business is to teach the path you have walked.

great post to read In order to know this path you must do the inner work of reflection and deep soul-searching to discover your unique voice. [Tweet “I believe your story is your message and your trials become your greatest testimony”] Everything that you have experienced and overcome molds you into the character you need to be to authentically share the message you have. chino and denyque dating There is an important side note I would like to raise. Not everyone is designed to share their mission via business. For some they will voice their unique message by influencing and building up a strong family, others will use their talent in entertainment or media to inspire the world and another person by way of a simple word or act of kindness could give someone hope towards a new path.

Know that you are unique and valuable in whatever you are called to do. However if you feel you have been called to business then read on…

+ Are you focused on gaining social media followers or are you taking the time to create valuable information that inspires, brings hope and changes lives?

+ Are you looking to other people in your industry for information to share or are you spending time reflecting on the message you desire to share that feels authentic to you?

+ Do you look to other website copy to create your own or are you spending time journaling on what you feel so passionately about to reveal your unique message?

Recently I have noticed a few themes coming through our industry and I’m not willing to sugar coat this topic. I could remain quiet because this could be perceived as a negative matter – yet I choose not to because my intention is from an authentic and caring place.

I’m seeing information being ‘mirrored’ (a.k.a ripped off), social media images being copied and pasted into feeds (and not crediting the original poster – this is social media etiquette 101) and most disturbingly taglines and website copy being blatantly ripped off and used on other websites.

One of my highest values is ‘justice’ so when I see things like this happening I find it difficult to keep quiet.

This has also struck a cord within me because I know it does not have to be this way…

Having coached many female entrepreneurs the times they have felt inauthentic about their message were because they were ‘mirroring’ others and not sharing their unique voice.

you can check here There is a seed of magnificence inside of you.

A God-given gift intertwined with talents and abilities that no-one else in this entire world has. Even down to your fingerprint – there is not one person who has lived before you or to come that has your specific fingerprint.

This makes you incredibly unique! Created so beautifully with a specific purpose for this world at this time. My intention is for you to recognise this as your truth.

Your past and every moment that you have encountered from the day you were born have shaped who you are. Those childhood dreams, common themes, inner sparks and deepest desires are there for a reason. Listen.

If I could offer any guidance from my own journey it would be this…

Since January I have taken a step back.

+ I have unsubscribed and un-followed.

+ I have dropped my working hours dramatically to create more space and less busyness.

+ I have spent much more time in reflection of myself and focused on my clients and their needs.

+ I have unplugged from my industry, social media and what everyone else is doing and sourced inspiration elsewhere.

beşiktaş integral forex canlı izle The results have been life-changing.

I am less influenced by others and I’m more of me.

Old ideas I had years ago are re-surfacing.

The fire in my belly and authentic yearning from my heart is back – I deeply desire to serve and do my part to make a difference in the lives of others and I can say this not from a place of ‘it’s the right thing to do’ but rather ‘this feels like the only thing I want to do’.

Why am I sharing this with you?

handeln mit binären optionen lernen Because I believe if you desire to be authentic in business, to discover your unique voice and live your message – the only place you need to go is within yourself.

Please stop trying to be someone else. Of course you can gain inspiration and insight from others but chew on it, put it into practice, implement it into your lifestyle to see how it feels and then decide if it fits and you want to then teach it.

Albert Einstein said “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough” and the best way to know something well enough is to embody it.

If you don’t feel you are connected to your message or if you are doubting your ability to teach and coach and you find you are taking bits and pieces from what other people are doing….pause to reflect if this really feels like you. Just because someone has had success in an area which you resonate with does not mean it’s right for you. You are only dimming your gorgeous light.

In Part 2 I share with you a few steps to get you started in discovering your unique message and most importantly help you realise if launching a business is right for you. Go to this post here Being Authentic In Your Business | Part 2

With love,

DS xo

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  • Sarah Kate April 14, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    So beautifully and boldly written, Debbie! Your words filled my heart with both comfort and an invigorating spark at the same time. Thank you for the gentle reminder that I am uniquely and perfectly made by my Creator…with a purposefully plan that WILL change the world. Much love your way. Looking forward to tomorrow’s follow up post!

    • Debbie Spellman April 16, 2014 at 8:56 pm

      Hi Sarah,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful words! I truly appreciate it. Keep following your purpose and never give up as your unique gift is so needed in this world.
      D xo

  • Corona May 11, 2014 at 9:17 am

    Thanks so much Debbie. This most certainly came at the right time for me today. I’m craving more and more offline time of late. Im finding that my message is confusing as I’ve been looking out to others when I really need to focus back in and see how I can BEST serve my clients. Thank you. I look forward to reading part 2 and applying it to my business. Thanks for sharing your wisdom xx

    • Debbie Spellman May 13, 2014 at 1:12 pm

      Hi Corona,
      You are so welcome. Yes, always bring yourself within to find your authentic message. You are your best asset 🙂
      With love,
      Debbie x