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Are You Living In FEAR or FAITH?

I still remember the moment vividly. Staring at my workbook with pen in hand I glanced down at what I had just written with a feeling of excitement and possibility…

الفوركس للمبتدئين ‘To be non-location dependent. To be able to work from anywhere, anytime inspiring women from all over the globe’

To me this was the ultimate experience of freedom.

It was a Winter’s afternoon in Sydney and I found myself in a personal development seminar answering the question ‘What is your deepest desire?

I had no idea how or when but I knew why. I knew I was destined for big things and I never wanted to settle or compromise.

mixed ethnicity dating sites The problem was at 21 years old my reality was telling me a very different story:

  • I was living paycheque to paycheque, deeply in debt and financially STRUGGLING. I couldn’t see a way out.
  • I was stuck in a relationship that wasn’t serving me and yet FEAR kept me from honouring myself and leaving.
  • I had so many ideas and even bigger dreams yet SELF-DOUBT plagued my mind. I would sit down and create grand plans and long to-do lists but I never took action or followed through.

And yet 10 years later I would be living these exact words.

enyoptions So what changed?

Well there were a few detours and side-steps. In fact, I didn’t begin creating this dream until I was 29 years old. That was only 5 years ago!

You see the pain at that point in my life was not enough for me to take full responsibility and make changes.

It sucked, but it was nothing like what hit me at 29.

I was supposed to have it all together by then. I had just come out of a high flying career with a global company and here I was, almost 30 and job-less, broke and left with absolutely no direction for my future.

And what a beautiful gift it was….

Hitting rock bottom was the best thing that could have happened to me because it forced me to let go of who I was. A woman who appeared confident on the outside yet was plagued with so many doubts, fears and insecurities on the inside.

If I could go back and talk to my younger self who struggled so much with who she was (you can read my messiness here) and who remained stuck in her circumstances time and time again, I would tell her this one thing…

“You have the power to change your life circumstances. You are ONLY limited by your own MIND.”

I know, I know…it sounds kind of cliche but my gosh it’s true!

Back then I couldn’t see how my behaviours and thoughts – and therefore the actions I took (or more so, didn’t take) were creating the precise circumstances I so desperately wanted to avoid.

I lived in so much fear. Every thing I did was from a place of fear and lack. There was never enough…and I always wanted more.

I so badly wanted my life to be different and yet I didn’t know how to change? I felt powerless and helpless. Many times I would hope, wish and pray that things would miraculously transform.

But this isn’t the way it works.

stampa foto su forex milano God doesn’t give us what we want on a silver platter even when it is our destiny. It is our responsibility to do the work to create change because it is in the transformation that we build our character and learn the powerful principles which serve us in our future time and time again.

trading con opzioni binarie opinioni It wasn’t until I was faced with my own messiness that I finally recognised the problem was me. Ouch!

So at ‘rock bottom’ I began to research everything I could on the mind; not only how to master my mind and emotions but also how to clear limiting beliefs that were sub-consciously sabotaging my life. I was so-over-my-life. I was intelligent, kind, ambitious and optimistic…so why could I not create success?

I purchased so many programs, read hundreds of books and devoured all I could on mindset, wealth, transformation and the universal laws of success that govern us all (a.k.a the laws that supercharge your wealth + success!)

In a notebook I collated all of these powerful principles and created action steps that would enable me to implement these into my life.

AND that is when things really started to change!

Opportunities began to show up when I did the work and not the busy/ overwhelmed/ striving type of work. I had discovered how to apply the age-old principles and divine laws of success that I had written in my notebook.

The synchronicity was phenomenal and there was a time where everything on my vision board had come true! I launched my business growing to this to six-figures AND you guessed it, created a lifestyle where I am now… trading in opzioni broker ‘non-location dependent, able to work from anywhere, anytime and inspiring women from all over the globe’ iq options andmaento indici So what resulted in the vast turn around in my life?

I began to live with FAITH.

trading o poerazioni binarie Here’s the thing…

Whether you believe your mind is powerful of not, binära optioner avanza you are only ever activating FEAR or FAITH. Both are spiritual forces that have the power to direct your life in certain ways.

You are creating your life circumstances RIGHT NOW now whether you are consciously doing this or not.

Sub-consciously your mind is programmed in such a way to create certain outcomes. Unfortunately many of these are based on fear. In fact, if you are not using your mind to opzioni binarie anyoption opinioni intentionally create your future your mind will pilota opzioni binarie default to recreating your past.

Yep! How many times have you lived the same circumstances over and over again…just different people and a different time. Attracting the same men? Getting into the same financial mess? Hitting the same barrier in your weight loss?

Fear-based living keeps you STUCK where you are in your same undesirable life circumstances because binary options winning martingale a life lived in fear will paralyse you. It will hold you from your destiny, damage your relationships, hinder your finances and put a cloud of negativity over your life.

I lived this way for far too many years.

“A life lived in fear will paralyse you”

binary options are gambling A life lived by faith however results in action and therefore activates purpose, potential, passion and prosperity into your life. It calls in your desired future of abundance, wealth and success and activates those divine moments of synchronicity which open doors beyond your wildest dreams.

But did you know it takes the same amount of energy to activate your mind towards faith as it does towards fear (yes, you read that correctly!)

The amount of energy you are currently expelling towards negativity can be used towards positivity and therefore create vastly different results your life!

forex earning calculator You simply need to learn how.

Living with faith. Not fear!

I began to come giocare sul forex call in the future I wanted, rather than simply recreating my past.

Each day I would practice a particular principle such as manifestation, releasing judgment or not taking things personally. It was through the combination of knowledge + action that equaled the results in my own life.

Unlike in my twenties where I just read more books and studied more courses, I finally understood how to create different results and that is the power of daily consistent action.

I invite you to do the same.

köpa Sildenafil Citrate thailand Would you like to:

This is the EXACT formula that created results in my own life!

If this sounds like you and you so badly want things to change like I did and yet you just don’t know how? Then 30 Days To Detox Your Mind is for you.

I don’t just TEACH you how to change because knowledge on it’s own does not create change. I SHOW you what works and HOLD you accountable. This is why 30 Days To Detox Your Mind produces results time and time again.

You have the ability to call in your future today. DOORS ARE NOW OPEN for a limited time!

Join me for a life-changing month this September visit 30 DAYS TO DETOX YOUR MIND

I believe in you!
Debbie x

PS: ANND it gets better! Every time the program launches you get to move through again at no cost. I know it’s through repetition that you reprogram your mind and I am absolutely committed to helping you do this which is why you have lifetime access to this program. Even if I add more value or raise the price. It’s the program that keeps on giving.



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