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5 Steps To Turn Your Negative Moments Into Empowering Wisdom. It’s Time To Let Go!

binäre optionen lynx It’s New Years Eve!

how to use technical analysis in forex To some it’s just another day and to others it’s the point where you turn over a new leaf. Where you commit to being kinder, happier, better [insert New Years Resolution here].

opzioni binarie dove farle Reflection is a damn fine way to provide yourself a shift in perception which causes those ‘ah ha’ moments in life when you finally get it! That golden nugget of wisdom which comes in the form of a life lesson.

phone hook up wires This lesson once learned turns any negative situation into a positive and grateful memory and with it comes valuable wisdom for you to carry through the years to come.

from this source Every year on this day I take the time to reflect over the past. It is important to celebrate the wins of course yet I feel it’s equally important to delve into the difficult times.

kurs walut onet forex كسب المال بسهولة Hindsight provides insight. binäre optionen newsletter Below is a practice I do to help me learn and grow from the lessons life was trying to teach me throughout the year. Many I didn’t ‘get’ until I shed some light of reflection upon these times of emotional darkness. Grab a notepad and pen and find some quiet time.

check out this site 1. Think about a key theme or pattern which kept coming up for you. It is most probably a series of memories where the same emotional turmoil happened. You want to identify the emotions linked to these events and feel into them. This will bring clarity to your memories. Was it pain, hurt, confusion, resentment or dissatisfaction?

click this site click now 2. Once you have identified the theme you will no doubt you have some repeating negative self-talk around this. Either towards yourself or external blame towards the situation/other people. Note this down.

continue reading this web link 3. Step outside of this self-talk and notice how you contributed to this situation. What did you not communicate effectively or not do which resulted in your negative feelings. Was it really about them or was it actually about you?

var köpa Viagra billigt 4. Keep dancing around Step 3 until you reach a place of 100% responsibility for how you behaved or how your negative thinking caused the above emotions and therefore your unhappiness.

Perhaps you become lost in your mind, overanalyzing and guilty of focusing on what is lacking rather than being grateful for all that you have.

Do you simply need to practice acceptance for the things you can’t change and be OK with what has happened?

Was life prompting you to step into a more assertive position to communicate your needs…and you just didn’t listen?

Take the time to repeat the above process and work through each of the ‘negative’ situations presented to you this year and find the underlying lesson. Otherwise life will keep throwing you this curve ball until you finally get it. The lesson is always about you.

Note down these lessons in your journal to remind yourself of this golden wisdom moving forward. binäre optionen welcher broker 5. Then move to your ‘letting go’ ritual:

Add any further pain, hurt, un-forgiveness or resentment towards another person or yourself. List out everything you are committed to letting go of emotionally and mentally. If you haven’t done this before you want to add anything which comes to mind even if this is going back 10 years.

Read everything you wrote aloud and commit to letting this go to God (or the universe, whomever/whatever you wish to release this to) and as you do set this list on fire.

As you watch it disintegrate into nothing take a few deep breathes in and imagine all the attachments to the past releasing from you.

This process is energetically cleansing and when done properly with solid intentions, you will feel the difference.

Happy letting go!

With love

Debbie x

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