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5 Habits That Changed My Life

live currency exchange rates There was a time in my early 20’s when I lived in complete victimhood. I would always wonder why I never had this or could do that but looking back I realised how I was to blame. There was always a reason or excuse as to why things were a certain way yet what I failed to notice was that I was creating my reality by my choices, actions, behaviours and thoughts.

buy Seroquel 300mg I have come a long way since then and regardless of what is going on in my life I always bring my attention and focus within because this is where all of our suffering and problems begin – in our perception.
Part of my transformation included changing those habits which were no longer serving me. Your habits, behaviours and thoughts can be changed to work for you not against you. It takes self-discipline, persistence and consistency – however the results are worth it.

simulazione trade binario I have put in place the below habits in my life and have reaped incredible benefits.

binär optionen cortal consors i segnali di trading nelle opzioni binarie 1.    There Is Only Now: ‘Living in the moment’ is thrown around so much these days and I must say I didn’t ‘get it’ for a long time. If you are still in this place my advice is to persist. Because when the penny finally drops it will change your life. Your critical self-talk keeps you thinking about your past and worried about the future – with practice you can get a handle on it (start with my free 9-page Mind Detox Mini-Guide here). In those moments when your mind is completely quiet and all you feel is lightness, peace and joy – you’ve got it and that my friend is a beautiful place to be. It truly is where life happens.

Cheap 20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral StripsOrder Tastylia Oral Strip Online optionenbroker 2.    Simplicity Is Everything: In our modern, busy, hectic, crazy, technological world we can begin to feel like we are going no-where fast, especially with all the media in our face telling us how we should look, the material items we must have and the lifestyle that goes along with this. I found my inner happiness soared when I de-cluttered my home from unnecessary crap, started saying ‘no’ more often and reduced my need for excess ‘stuff’. Simplicity is the new black.

strategi för binära optioner forex arbitrage spread betting 3.    Be Curious: Curiosity…one little word, one BIG result. I was always one to keep to myself, fairly shy and wasn’t interested in expanding my horizons. Only when I decided to open myself up to people, the world and new experiences and let go of my judgments and ideas around what I ‘thought’ interested me, did I begin to really touch on the beauty, depth, joy and experience of life. Curiosity will take you on a beautiful journey full of richness, joy and fulfillment.

il trading binario funziona bizmove binary options 4.    Set Boundaries: Are you a people pleaser, always saying ‘yes’ only to be pulled from all directions helping others? Do you have a FOM (fear of missing out) and socialise far to often to the detriment of your own health? Do you work too many hours in the office but feel depleted and undervalued by your employer? Girlfriend, it’s time to set some boundaries. Look after you first and foremost and when your cup is full you can overflow to everyone and everything else in your life with love and joy. Only when I set boundaries with my time, schedule, technology, social life and clients did I really feel grounded and in control of my life. Boundaries create breathing space.

tastylia review robot per iqoption 5.    Self-Discipline: Do you find us humans are innately lazy? How often do you find people slack off, failing to do their job properly and not giving people, their career or life their best effort? It’s very comforting to take the ‘easy’ route or to not try too hard – perhaps then you won’t fail? Developing self-discipline is imperative if you are going to change those self-defeating thought patterns and self-sabotaging habits. Do what you say, give your best and discipline yourself to do the things you don’t ‘feel’ like doing yet know you must in order to live the best version of yourself – this habit alone will change everything for you.

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  • Melanie November 24, 2014 at 10:54 am

    forex piyasası güvenlimi I really needed to hear this Debbie. It’s absolutely true, beautiful and very well written. Thank you for publicly sharing; there are many more lives out there you are ‘invisibly’ touching. xx

    • Debbie Spellman November 24, 2014 at 4:36 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words Melanie! Greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart xoxo